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This category lists Premium (ie Pay) Usenet Service providers. * For individual user accounts with web-based Usenet access see: "Computers/Usenet/Web_Based" * Corporate Usenet Service providers (to ISPs or resellers) can be found in "Computers/Usenet/Feed Services/ISP Feeds "

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Provides web and NNTP access. Separate daily download limits on 18 different servers. [ Reseller]
Alt Binaries
Metered accounts for individuals, with a focus on alt binaries newsgroups. The SSL encryption is provided at no extra cost with all accounts.
NNTP service for individuals featuring over 55,000 uncensored newsgroups. Web site includes list of newsgroups. [NNTPServer/ (aka Yottanews/Bubbanews/Teranews) Reseller]
Complete, uncensored Usenet server with ClariNet news and unlimited downloads.
Many block accounts for individuals with SSL encryption included. Servers located in the USA and Europe.
Offers a metered account along with a web gateway and provides SSL encrypted access at no extra cost. Various methods of payment accepted.
European based provider offering multiple news servers. A system status page and a "Web Gateway" (beta) are provided. Headers not included in download quota. [ Reseller]
Eweka Internet Services
Based in the Netherlands, offers unlimited Usenet access for a monthly fee.
Flash Newsgroups
Accounts for individuals and ISP outsourcing services. Unlimited, monthly and pay-as-you-go plans are available, as well as a text-only account. Offers SSL encryption with accounts.
Personal newsgroups accounts and ISP Usenet outsourcing with news servers in Europe and North America. Headers not included in download quota, and text articles never expire.
Glorb Usenet News
Offers a text-only newsreader account with posting privileges for a monthly fee. Pricing on text feeds and suck feeds available upon request.
Offers non recurring unlimited accounts for various periods of time, including 2 days plans. SSL encryption is provided at no extra cost with all accounts.
Unlimited, speed capped and block accounts for individuals. Free trial, free headers and free SSL encryption with all accounts. Accepts payments via Paypal, personal check or money order. Live statistics and server status page.
My-Binaries reseller offering download accounts of 2000 megabytes per day for individuals. A web-to-news gateway is available. Makes unsubstantiated claims on its site that it does not log uploads.
News feeds for individuals for a low annual fee. Text newsgroups only. The server is part of the computer center of the Free University of Berlin.
Metered accounts for individuals. Live retention statistics and system status page.
Personal newsgroup accounts with servers in the USA and Europe. SSL encryption is available as an option, headers are not included in the download quota.
Same company as but resells instead of Offers metered and unlimited accounts for individuals. Accepts payments via postal mail for those who don't have a credit card. Makes unsubstantiated claims on its site that it does not log uploads. [Newshosting Reseller]
Provides unlimited and metered accounts for individuals. Headers are not included in the download quota and SSL encryption is available as an option.
Provides both Web and NNTP access for metered and unlimited accounts. Offers free SSL encryption and 32 concurrent connections for all accounts. Also offers ISP outsourcing.
Usenet news service providing both individual and business feeds. Prices of the unlimited plans vary depending on the retention rate. Free headers for the metered account.
Access to 35,000 newsgroups with a newsreader or using a web browser such as Firefox. For individual, corporate and ISP outsourcing use. Also offers private newsgroup hosting for professional customers.
Offers 160 days of binary retention. Free headers and the ability to choose between block- and unmetered accounts. [Reseller of News Service]
Offers accounts for individuals including metered, pay as you go (non recurring) and unlimited plans. Also accepts payments via Paypal (which excludes adult groups) for those who don't want to pay using a credit card. [Highwinds Media Reseller]
Metered and block accounts for individuals as well as services to ISPs and corporations.
Tera News
Offers several metered and block accounts for individuals. Also offers an access to all newsgroups with a daily download limit for a relatively cheap one time setup fee, with no recurring fees nor an expiry date.
Several metered and an unlimited account for individuals. Accepts payments via Worldpay and Paypal in addition to credit cards.
Uncensored. For individuals.
Provides both Web and NNTP access for metered and unlimited accounts. Header data is not counted against the download limit. Payments via money order accepted.
Usenet Monster
Plans from 5 Gigabytes to unlimited with the ability to roll over gigabytes from one month to the next. Particular focus on privacy.
Usenet Ranger
Small usenet service for individuals. Offers live help via instant messenger. For users who can't access Internet for a few days, downloads requested files if they become available and makes them available on a ftp server.
Two unlimited plans. Pricing depends on the number of concurrent connections. Free trial available.
Based in Europe, offers metered and unlimited accounts.
Offers NNTP access with web-based browsing features.
Differing pricing levels based on desired download bandwidth. A non recurring pay-as-you-go plan is available. Free header downloads.
Accounts for individuals and ISP Usenet outsourcing. Provides unlimited downloads at various prices and offers free SSL encryption with all accounts. A detailed network status page is also available.
Provides partly speed capped unlimited plans. Connections allowed with their proprietary client software only.
Uncensored, anonymous Usenet access. Value and premium levels differ based on retention, location, and download limits, starting at 250MB per day.
Usenet provider based in The Netherlands. Provides unmetered usenet access. SSL and headers included for free.
XS News
European-based usenet provider offering both metered and unmetered usenet accounts for individuals. Free headers and SSL included with all accounts.
Has several speed capped accounts.

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