This category houses sites which provide the basic speech synthesis engines, whether multi-lingual or not, whether from academia or commercial sources. An "engine" or "generator" or "core" here is considered to be something which only produces speech as output when given text as input, but does not do this for any larger purpose or function. These "cores" are more or less general engines, developed, designed, created or produced by the site owner. They would be used to power or provide speech for other applications and can be expected to be embedded in or otherwise be a component of those applications. The other applications might be things like interactive voice response units, page readers, handheld dictionaries, language translators and so forth.
Multi-lingual text to speech synthesis. Free multi platform software download for research purposes.
Acapela Group
Merger of TTS companies Babeltech, Elan and Infovox. Many TTS-engines with online demonstrations.
Bitlips Speech Technologies
Finnish Speech Synthesis, offers small footprint as well as unit-selection engine. English language also available.
Cepstral Speech Synthesis
Text-to-speech for a wide selection of platforms - including servers, desktops and mobile. Provides a variety of languages, voices, and accents. Effective on line demo of speech quality.
Text-to-speech products with live demo and download store for desktop voices.
DEMOSTHeNES Speech Composer
A general-purpose multilingual and polyglot software text-to-speech (TTS) system that supports the Greek language using a wide variety of e-text sources. Free download has an open and component based architecture allowing flexibility, customization and expandability.
Develops applications and systems that support the Greek language. Current products include a series of high quality Text-to-Speech products for the telecommunications and multimedia market.
Unusual text-to-speech synthesis offerings including name pronunciation software for speech recognition dictionaries and other custom applications.
The Festvox Project
Free software tools and documentation for building new speech synthesis voices in English and other languages. Associated to Festival TTS. From Carnegie Mellon.
FreeTTS - Java speech synthesis
A speech synthesis system written entirely in the Java(TM) programming language. Based upon Flite: a smallrun-time speech synthesis engine developed at Carnegie Mellon University and derived from the Festival Speech Synthesis System from the University of Edinburgh and the FestVox project from Carnegie Mellon University.
Hindi Text To Speech System
Bliss Intelligent Technologies offers Hindi text to speech, Hindi OCR, Hindi speech recognition and IVR systems. Based Jaipur, India.
HMM-based Speech Synthesis System
Free software tools for building HMM-based speech synthesis system. Nagoya Institute of Technology.
IBM Text-to-Speech Research
IBM Text-to-Speech (TTS) Research interactive demo, multi lingual, unconstrained.
Java Applet for Speech Synthesis
Java applet/software for speech synthesis using the concatenation method. Currently developing formant synthesis version.
MARY Text-to-Speech System
Open source TTS System for German, English and Tibetian based on Mbrola.
Meridian One Speech
Downloads and support for Orpheus, a multilingual TTS engine providing unit selection and formant synthesis voices.
TTS engine VoiceText is available in US English, Korean, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese.
TTS engine Realspeak available in many languages. Company (former Scansoft) bought many TTS-manufacturers, e.g. Rhetorical, ETI-Eloquence, Nuance, Lernhout and Hauspie.
SVOX Interactive Text to Speech Demo
TTS-Demo of University of Zurich. Makes an .au file of German (only) text typed at web site.
Teknoses Speech Solutions
Turkish Text-To-Speech engine for Microsoft Agent and SAPI compliant applications. Trial version downloadable.
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