This category lists consultants specializing in Excel VBA and/or spreadsheets development.

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Proposes specialized newsletters, seminars, add-ins and consulting services.
Access Analytic
Provides Excel-based financial modelling, management reporting, Excel consulting, training and spreadsheet auditing services. Based in Perth, Western Australia.
AEternus Singapore
A consultancy firm offering consultancy and training courses in Microsoft Excel & Office. Based in Singapore.
Affordable Solutions
Independent consultant based in Soignies, Belgium. Offers personalized consulting services and solutions development in Microsoft Office.
Augusta, Eric
Freelance consulting and training. Includes seminars schedule, testimonials and course descriptions. In California.
Beyond Technology
Consulting company for Microsoft Office products. Excel How To section includes free spreadsheet tips, newsletter and links.
Financial model auditing, Excel financial model development and consulting and training.
Croeser Consulting
Excel spreadsheet design, modification, VBA programming and training, based in UK.
Microsoft Excel Consultants specializing in protecting and securing spreadsheets as well as designing advanced models with VBA code. Based in London.
Provides Excel and VBA support and development services to businesses or individuals. In Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Dr Peter Clayton
Independent consultant based in Sheffield, UK. Offers Excel consulting services and customised solutions for businesses of all sizes
Excel Business Solutions
Excel consulting and data mining services including data forecasting, integration, reporting and analysis
Excel Expert
Consultants providing custom VBA solutions, add-ins and spreadsheet design.
Excel Goodies
Advanced Excel Training for a variety of specialist groups.
Excel Koncept
Designs & develops Excel solutions, also provides Excel help. Based in Sweden.
Excel Technique
Provides Microsoft Excel VBA consulting services and programming solutions to automate reports, analyze data and create business applications. Singapore based consultancy.
Excel-lent Solutions
Provide ready-made and tailor-made Excel spreadsheets for the entertainment industry as well as small to medium businesses in all sectors.
Provides consulting and support solutions to businesses using Microsoft Excel in the US, UK and Canada.
Expert Excel Consultants
Providing expert Excel consultants since 2004. For Excel business support.
Gerster, David
Provides modeling services for fixed income and securitization. General VBA automation for business applications.
IExcel Consulting
Provides Excel consulting and training, also sells Excel-based software. Located in Hong Kong.
Develops Microsoft Excel solutions and personalised tools for both individuals and businesses in the UK.
Miricle Solutions
Offers solutions and services to reduce the risks of spreadsheet conception errors.
Mixy Software Consulting
Mixy is a software consulting firm operating in the Toronto area, providing clients with expertise in the automation, formatting, optimization, and design of Excel solutions.
ModelSheet Software LLC
Sells custom spreadsheets, consulting services, and custom spreadsheet authoring tools for business analytics and business intelligence.
Mr. Excel
Provides a discussion forum for users of all levels of expertise and tips organized in categories. Also offers consulting services.
Pearson, Chip
Information, formulas, VBA code, and custom programming.
Plum Solutions
Provides consulting in Excel financial modeling, forecasting, and analysis. Also specializes in Excel and financial modeling training.
Ryan Excel Consulting
Offers Excel training and development services including Excel and macro training, task automation, model development and database integration. In Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Teach Excel
Microsoft Excel 2007 consulting services along with live online classes, tutorials, guides, and free macros.
VBA Class
Microsoft Excel, VBA and Access consulting and training provided by Glenn Harris. Located in New York City, USA.
Xelerated Solutions
Provides custom spreadsheet development, consultation and automation services to help streamline your business.

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