Applications that do not work alone, but add power or functionality to the standard Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. These are often VBA scripts.
A3 Solutions
Solutions for forecasting, budgeting and management reporting. Located in San Franciscon, CA, USA.
Provides Pivot Table AutoFormat XL, allowing the creation of collection of autoformats.
Proposes collections of add-ins and visual basic macros.
ARMON Technologies, LLC
Developer of XLActuary, an Excel add-in designed to handle all actuarial factor calculations via new worksheet functions. Website includes details about their consultancy, a help file and support information.
ASAP Utilities
Excel add-in contains over 300 utilities to fill the gaps in Excel, and automate frequently used tasks.
Provide interactive maps and graphics for both Excel and PowerPoint. Website includes free and professional versions, business cases and a forum.
Software to allow several users to work on the same spreadsheet data using server-side change management.
Bobenco Solutions
Provide StatScorer decision support software adding in-depth stochastic modeling and Monte Carlo simulation capabilities to Excel spreadsheets. Shows possible outcomes from models related to various areas (finance, risk management, engineering ). Site includes examples and a forum.
BugdetMedia: Xlquotes
Allows users to download stock prices from Yahoo Finance into Excel. The site has English and German language versions and a manual.
Business Functions
Excel functions for projecting costs and revenues, coping with time periods and growth.
Business Spreadsheets
Sells templates designed for project management, business analysis, investment and option valuation, multiple regression forecasting, portfolio monitoring and optimization.
The Business Tools Store
Provides a wide range of Excel template for sales, finance, billing, and timesheets. Site includes a FAQ and blog.
BYG Software
The Excel Auditor, tool to control, audit, and document workbooks. BYG utilities lite, shareware, Goldmine, free technique demonstration files, bugs. (BYG stands for Big Yellow Gorilla.)
CDX Technologies: CDXZipStream
Provides zip code analysis tools including distance calculations, codes within a given radius, reverse look-ups, address verification and geo-coding. Website includes product features, FAQs, pricing and a 30 day trial.
Daniel's XL Toolbox
Free, open-source add-in for Excel providing data analysis and presentation functions. Site includes the developer's blog and a German language version of the whole site.
Provides data conversion tools allowing the extraction of data from text reports in Excel.
DataSafeXL Ltd
Provides software to obfuscate Excel VBA code. Website includes the software download, demonstration video and details of their consultancy and training business.
Decision Models' FastExcel
Professional spreadsheet consultant has developed FastExcel to help run Spreadsheets quicker. FastExcel provides analysis and helpful solutions to potential spreadsheet problems.
Decision Toolworks
San Francisco based software company providing several different add-ins in the areas of decision tree diagrams, sensitivity analysis and Monte Carlo simulations. Website also includes sample chapters from a book about decision analysis with Excel.
Devart Excel Add-ins
Provides functionality to edit data from cloud applications and relational databases.
Software to report on the differences between two Excel workbook / spreadsheet files (including cells, Visual Basic VBA macros, comments and defined names) and highlight the differences with color. Can compare individual worksheets and whole folders of Excel files against each other. Handles xls, xlsx, xlsm and xlsb files. Site includes screenshots, usage instructions and free trial version download.
Proposes a tool for difficult data manipulations.
DJI Computer Solutions
Proposes applications for personal finances, golf, scheduling, tax calculations and task management.
Picture Manager assists in inserting multiple images (automatically sized to fit cells) into single or multiple Excel spreadsheets, as well as the option for quick removal of all photos at once.
XCell Compiler provides Excel workbook formulas and VBA code copy protection. Includes a key licensing system with a trial mode and hardware locking. Website also includes non-Excel software.
Offers graphing software for scientists and engineers, with the facility to import data from Excel.
Produces MoboCalc which supports pen input for Excel on tablet PCs through a custom Excel tablet input panel. Features natural maths notation and function shortcuts in formulas.
Excel Business Solutions
Provides several VBA add-ins in the areas of finance and statistics. The source code is unprotected for educational purposes.
Excel Image Assistant
Software to automatically insert multiple images into Excel, such as all the images in a specified folder. Site includes testimonials.
Excel Password Remover
Add-in that removes passwords, with certain limits. Postcard-ware.
Excel Planet
Multiple utilities such as a graphical calendar and a tool to spot duplicates in lists.
Excel Quick Search
Tool which extends Excel's search facilities.
Displays Excel formulae as mathematical equations.
Converts a spreadsheet to an HTML page with formulas translated to javascript. Provides a FAQ, online ordering and company information.
Software to discover spreadsheet errors, help with auditing and understand complex models.
Encrypts spreadsheets allowing normal operations only for authorized users.
A business forecasting add-in for Microsoft Excel.
Fas Formulas
Proposes spreadsheets configured with interactive formulas in many different subject areas.
Provides an add-in that converts text into flowcharts. Website includes templates, demonstration videos and a help file.
Frontline Systems
The company that developed the basic solver offers the Premium Solver. Provides download, online ordering, company information and a tutorial.
Gartle Technology
Produce the product SaveToDB which allows Excel to view and edit SQL Server and SQL Azure data. Website includes the software and examples.
Schedule24 allows the design and creation of shift patterns and employee schedules. Website includes demonstration video and details about the company.
Time-series predictions using Bayesian algorithms and Wavelet analysis.
Proposes formatting and financial tools. Presentation of the company and the products, online support. In Peru.
Knowledge Dynamics
Turns Excel workbooks into interactive web applications.
Excel Data Cleaner automates cleaning tasks like duplicate removal, formatting and counting tasks in Excel. Site also includes software for Microsoft Word.
Life Cycle Costing
The "Sensitivity Analysis Knoll" Add-In does single input or multiple input sensitivity analysis of up to 20 inputs and 20 outputs. It includes the option to search for zero crossing output values and their corresponding input settings, which is often required for break even analysis.
Provides several Excel utilities such as comparing spreadsheets, counting unique entries, password recovery and online stock prices. Also offers a consultancy service.
Lindo Systems
What's Best allows the creation of optimization models in Excel. It solves linear, nonlinear and integer programming problems.
Monte Carlo, Decision Tree and Statistics add-in for risk analysis
Provides keyboard shortcuts designed for use by members of the financial community.
Spreadsheet mapping software that allows you to chart Excel data on a map.
Metrics Institute
Provides data handling and statistical utilities, including a histogram creator.
MSDN: Isolating Microsoft Office Extensions with the COM Shim Wizard Version 2.3
Software developers can isolate managed add-ins using this free COM Shim Wizard.
Navigator Utilities
Eases navigating through complex spreadsheets. Provides company and purchasing information, free demo and a presentation of the product.
NEKO to Excel
Proposes free games for Excel, developed with VBA.
Provides an Excel 2007 template allowing the display and analysis of network graphs. Can import graphs from a variety of formats.
OLAP Office
Offers data analysis and reporting tools for budgeting and forecasting. Proposes consulting services. In London, UK.
Add-in for manipulating and analysing data.
A utility that aids with translation and cleanup of Excel spreadsheets. It captures and lists all words in the spreadsheet, allowing the user to globally substitute alternate words.
Offer an add-in allowing the creation of Waterfall, Gantt, Mirror, BubbleX and double donut charts.
Allows mathematical formulae to provide much more precise results, use of larger and smaller numbers and eliminates binary conversion errors.
Quick Excel
This add-in provides a simple, ergonomic way to enter data.
This tool by Systems Modelling finds the spreadsheets on your network and their links/dependencies. Addresses Sarbanes-Oxley concerns.
Provides Monte Carlo simulation software for the risk analysis of decisions. Their license states users must email SimulAr with models developed using their tool.
Single and multiple-objective genetic algorithms optimization add-in for Microsoft Excel.
Sovereign NewZealand
Provide an improved GoalSeek algorithm. Site includes a download link and a comparison between the capabilities of their algorithm with the ones developed by Microsoft and Lotus.
Proposes the Modeler and the Highlighter tools.
Spinnaker Software Solutions
Add-ins for Microsoft Excel. Downloadable shareware and freeware: Spinnaker Screens, Alerts, Strings, Functions, Merges, Columns, Extracts, Passwords, Fuel Tax Program, Image Wizard, Statistics and Prints.
Spreadsheet Advantage
Provides utilities including those to compare, analyse, map and track down the sources of circularities in spreadsheets.
Spreadsheet Auditor
Provide Excel audit tools that find the source of cell #REF! errors, external links, embedded hard codes in formulas and formula inconsistency, and also explore complex formulas precedents/dependents.
Spreadsheet Detective
Provide reporting and error auditing tools, including ones to show how formulae have been copied, follow precedent/dependent relationships, compare workbooks and manipulate named ranges.
The Spreadsheet Store
Free help, a forum and templates for a wide variety of purposes including stock market, real estate and financial statement evaluation, invoicing and personal finance.
Spreadsheet Tools
LockXLS protects VBA and spreadsheet formulae from reverse engineering and provides trial period functionality.
SQL*XL Links Excel to Oracle
Adds a menu item to Excel through which SQL can be submitted to Oracle. Full featured and allows bulk inserts/updates, PL/SQL, VBA.
Thetaris is a German company that produces Theta Proxy XL. Functionality includes real-time option pricing and financial hedging. Website includes the software, case studies and documentation.
Draws dependency graphs/diagrams to depict relationships between cells in Excel. Use this tool for spreadsheet auditing, mathematical modeling, and other calculations. Trace is freeware.
User Solutions
Solutions for scheduling, material control, graphing and time sheets.
Virtual Cube Solutions
Allows direct access to relational databases in a manner that is identical to an OLAP add-in. Website includes free trial and documentation.
Create printable calendars in Excel and Word with events from Outlook and Google Calendar. Site includes forums and downloadable software.
World Clock
File shows the local times in the USA, the UK and Japan relative to GMT and 4 different time zones, including Los Angeles, Ohio and Europe (GMT+1).
Provides access to SQL Server Analysis Services to manipulate business data directly in a spreadsheet. Presentation of the company and its technology. In the UK.
XLhub is an add-in that creates a two-way (read/write) connection between Excel and a SQL Server database. It adds security, versioning, and multi-user capabilities. Website includes the download, tutorials, videos and customer stories.
Set of workbooks for statistical analysis of data. All working and code is visible. Freeware version available.
Provides a popup calendar, version control, SQL queries, mail merge and automation without the use of VBA.
Zementis ADAPA
Predictive analytics add-in allows scoring of data and the execution of complex statistical models. Links exist to the same software as a service and running outside of Excel.

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