This category is for links that are mostly or all about risky aspects of the SCO vs. IBM lawsuit, and related actions.

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Gartner: SCO's Legal Fees Could Jeopardize Its Software Business
Recent moves compromise SCO mission as software firm; place law firm in position of growing power to set agenda for SCO compensation. Summary with forum comments. [LWN: Linux Weekly News] (November 20, 2003)
SCO Admits: Linux Jihad is Destroying Our Business
SEC filing shows: SCO has already lost business from its loyal customer base; expects to lose more. [The Register] (November 18, 2003)
SCO NDA Offers Little Information, Much Risk
Full text of long non-disclosure agreement SCO asks independent experts to sign, interview with lawyer Dan Ravicher identifies 3 key problems, forum comments. No one in kernel development or planning to contribute to free software projects should sign it. [Linux Journal] (June 04, 2003)
Is SCO NDA Sideshow Setting a Trap for Analysts and Linux Developers?
SCO refuses to show alleged tainted Linux code publicly. To avoid doing so, they offer look at code via oppressive NDA stating what witnesses can reveal to public. But SCO may have no Unix copyrights or patents. [MozillaQuest] (June 03, 2003)
SCO Warns of IBM Lawsuit Risks
It says its $1 billion lawsuit will be costly and may have unintended effects that may harm their business: legal fees may rise greatly, revenue from joint ventures with IBM and partners may fall, IBM may have customers shun SCO products. [CNET] (March 31, 2003)
ESR: This is a Strike at the Heart of Our Community
Anti-SCO alarum and editorial by Open Source advocate Eric S. Raymond, with many forum comments. [Linux Today] (March 07, 2003)
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