This category is for links that are mostly about Red Hat, Inc., aspects of, and involvement in, the SCO vs. IBM lawsuit.

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Red Hat's Memorandum in Opposition to SCO's Motion to Dismiss
Documents for court, that laws exist that were written to forbid firms making false or misleading statements about another's product: the Lanham Act. [Groklaw] [PDF] (September 29, 2003)
Red Hat Attacks, SCO Counter Attacks
Red Hat tells world they aren't going to take SCO anti-Linux FUD anymore in 7 count lawsuit filed in Federal court against SCO. SCO first response was letter that SCO was trying for resolution with Linux distributors. [Linux Today] (August 05, 2003)
Red Hat Versus SCO Fight Will be Riveting
Further legal specifics on new lawsuit against SCO. [The Inquirer] (August 05, 2003)
Red Hat Attacks, Sues SCO
Firm announces: requests preemptive judgment to find it innocent of all potential copyright violations; forms legal fund to help smaller Linux firms with their own defenses. [eWeek] (August 04, 2003)
Red Hat Sues SCO
Files lawsuit against SCO, announced today. Matthew Szulik, Red Hat Chairman, CEO, says collaborative process of open source software development which created Linux OS has been unjustly questioned, threatened. [The Inquirer] (August 04, 2003)
Red Hat v The SCO Group
Full, uncommented text of original 4 August complaint, by plaintiff Red Hat, Inc., versus The SCO Group, Inc., formerly Caldera International, Inc. [LWN: Linux Weekly News] [PDF] (August 04, 2003)
Red Hat's Mad Matt Vs. Humongous SCO Lawsuit
Matthew Szulik, CEO, Linux distributor Red Hat, is sick of threats SCO is making. Rather than wait for SCO to start suing Linux customers, Red Hat launched preemptive suit against SCO, for unfair, deceptive business practices. [Forbes] (August 04, 2003)
Linux Suit Could Hurt Red Hat
Very brief story, with 2 links and about 50 forum comments. [] (March 12, 2003)
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