SCO is an acronym for The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc., the old name for this firm. In 2001, Caldera Systems, Inc., bought the OS division, the majority, of SCO, Inc. The Caldera-based firm now does business as (d/b/a) The SCO Group. The remainder of the original SCO, Inc., is now d/b/a Tarantella, Inc. The SCO Group develops and sells these Linux and Unix operating systems: Linux (OpenLinux), Unix (OpenServer, OpenUnix, UnixWare). In 1995, SCO, Inc., bought the rights to the AT&T UNIX(tm) trademark and intellectual property from Novell, Inc. This is now owned by The SCO Group.

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The SCO Group, Inc.
Develops, supports small/mid scale Unix server OSs and business system software for network computing; products, related services: OpenServer, OpenUnix, UnixWare. Unix intellectual property licensing. Was Santa Cruz Operation, Caldera Systems, Caldera International. Stock: SCOXQ.PK.
A.P. Lawrence-SCO Unix Consultant
Articles, tips, and help relating to SCO Unix operating systems.
comp.unix.sco.* FAQ List
Links to the SCO Unix Newsgroups/Mailing List Administrative FAQ and the SCO Technical FAQ.
Esker VSI-FAX Fax Server Software
Enterprise-wide, multi-platform fax solution for small and medium businesses.
Imaging Technology Group
Document imaging software solutions for online electronic records management, statement processing. SCO Unix and UnixWare sales, support.
Microlite Corp.
Backup solution and bare metal disaster recovery technology for SCO-Caldera OpenServer, OpenUnix 8, UnixWare 7.1; OpenLinux.
Moxa Technologies
Offers RS-232/422/485 multiport serial products, running on various platforms, for PCI, ISA, CompactPCI.
SCO Developer Network
Resource for SCO Unix developers with technical information, documentation, program membership, directory, newsletter.
SCO Products
Listing of those available including OpenServer, OpenUnix, UnixWare; SCObiz, SCOsource; SCOoffice Mail Server, SCO Authentication.
SCO Skunkware
List of open source and freeware products for OpenServer, UnixWare 7, Open Unix 8.
SCO Skunkware FAQ
FAQ for freeware programs available for OpenServer, UnixWare.
SCO Support
Many services tailored to many customer needs, for many products, including OpenServer, OpenUnix, UnixWare; Volution, POS, Embedded, tools.
Tek-Tips: SCO Unix Forum
Technical support, mutual help system. Forbids selling, recruiting.
Ransom Love, Co-founder of Caldera and SCO, Speaks of Unix, GPL and the Lawsuit
The former CEO of Caldera and architect of its SCO acquisition disagrees with firm's legal campaign against Linux vendors, but he still thinks SCO has case against IBM. [eWeek] (September 25, 2003)
SCO Posts Revenue Increase
Firm embroiled in high-profile intellectual property dispute, reports net income of $4.5 million on revenue of $21.4 million for Q2. [CNET] (May 28, 2003)
SCO, SuSE Bullish Despite Differences
SCO and SuSE issue bullish statements on their business prospects, though estranged business partners sit on opposite sides of Linux fence. Dropping Linux will help SCO business, says CEO Darl McBride. [CNET] (May 28, 2003)
SCO Directs Attention to New Software
Firm's fastest growing revenue source stems from its efforts to enforce more licensing of its software. They recently announced Web services software that may steer some attention back to their products. [CNET] (April 30, 2003)
SCO Professional Services: SCO What?
Former Caldera Systems is center of UnitedLinux consortium, but normal Unix customers, small-mid size businesses, are its main income. Heavy turnover in SCO sales organization makes it hard to get firm's attention. [Baseline] (February 13, 2003)
SCO Group Readies New Platform
SCO is working on new platform, SCOx, it hopes will drive next generation of applications on networks and servers, across Unix, Linux, for 2 of firm's core customer groups, replicated sites, small- to medium-sized businesses. [eWeek] (January 22, 2003)
Caldera Renames Itself SCO Group
Caldera International Inc. used its GeoFORUM conference in Las Vegas to announce it will change name to The SCO Group, Rename does not mean firm is moving away from Linux but is building on brand recognition of SCO products. [eWeek] (August 26, 2002)
Caldera Is SCO's Savior
The Santa Cruz Operation found a savior in Linux software maker Caldera Systems, who will buy SCO's server software and professional services divisions, with total $25 million sales, $10 million losses, in fiscal Q3. [Forbes] (August 03, 2000)
SCO Hitches Its Wagon to Linux
Unsurprisingly, some struggling firms see Linux as a ride out of the dark tunnel of flat growth and into the bright light of prosperity. Executives at SCO, former Santa Cruz Operation, are debating if Linux is salvation. [Forbes] (July 12, 2000)

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