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BSD Sockets: A Quick And Dirty Primer
Crash course in programming BSD sockets
Building an OpenBSD port
Information on porting software to OpenBSD.
The Kame Project
Project to develop IPv6 and IPsec stack for use in BSD-based operating systems. Included in the OpenBSD sources since OpenBSD 2.7 Release.
OpenBSD - owc / odc
Mailing lists hosted by that collate the OpenBSD source-changes and email summary reports daily or weekly.
OpenBSD commit stats
Statistics on the number, type, and originator of commits to the OpenBSD CVS repository.
OpenBSD Hardware Sensors — Environmental Monitoring and Fan Control
A Master of Mathematics in Computer Science graduate thesis around the topic of hardware monitoring and fan control from the point of view of OpenBSD hardware sensors framework. In addition to a thorough discussion of OpenBSD, the thesis also touches the topic of hardware monitoring in other operating systems, like NetBSD, FreeBSD and DragonFly BSD, and lm_sensors in GNU/Linux. [PDF]
OpenBSD source code
The complete OpenBSD CVS source code repository.
Porting BSD UNIX to a New Platform
Paper discussing what is entailed in porting the BSD codebase to a new architecture.
PPP userland tools
Latest docs and sources for userland PPP for OpenBSD.
Quiet Computing with BSD
Fan control with sysctl hw.sensors and lm(4) on OpenBSD and DragonFly BSD.
strlcpy and strlcat--Consistent, Safe, String Copy and Concatenation
Whitepaper by OpenBSD developers Todd C. Miller and Theo de Raadt discussing secure programming functions for manipulating strings.
Unofficial OpenBSD pathces
List of unofficial OpenBSD pathces done by Sergey Smitienko.
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