Information of interest to system administrators using OpenBSD.

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Creating Custom Bootable OpenBSD CDs
Instructions on creating custom, bootable OpenBSD CD-ROM images.
Introduction to OpenBSD Networking
Learn how to setup the basic networking features of OpenBSD and turn it into a secure Internet router for your home network.
IPFilter Upgrading HOWTO for OpenBSD
Instructions on how to update the IPF packet filtering code to the latest revision.
Kernel Panic - OpenBSD Docs
A collection of documents about OpenBSD.
OpenBSD Kernel Compilation and Optimization
A walkthrough of the process to recompile your OpenBSD kernel to achieve optimum performance.
OpenBSD on Virtual PC
Instructions on running OpenBSD in Connectix Virtual PC.
OpenBSD Upgrading Mini-FAQ
Walkthrough on sync'ing your OpenBSD system to -current or -stable sources.
OpenBSD: Administration Functionality
A table displaying common services with the name of the program in OpenBSD, how to manage system services, configuration files locations and additional notes.
Opening the Source Repository with Anonymous CVS
Whitepaper by OpenBSD founder, Theo de Raadt, and AT&T researcher, Charles D. Cranor, describing the development and concepts of the Anonymous CVS source file distribution mechanism.
Operating Network Services Under OpenBSD
Short article discussing how to install, configure, secure, and automate network services.
Provides the pgrep and pkill commands, which, respectively, scan for and send signals to processes that are matched by command line options.
Soft Updates
Whitepaper by Marshall Kirk McKusick and Gregory R. Ganger on eliminating synchronous writes in the Fast Filesystem. Included in OpenBSD since OpenBSD 2.7 Release.
Soft Updates v. Journaling
Whitepaper exploring the benefits of Soft Updates and journaling, comparing their behavior on both micro-benchmarks and workload-based macrobenchmarks.
Effort to produce a reduced installation of OpenBSD for more secure usage in server environments.
Vpn IKEv2 between a Windows 8 and an OpenBSD gateway
How-to: Vpn IKEv2 between a Windows 8 Road Warrior Host and an OpenBSD gateway.
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