These are websites that contain useful information for FreeBSD users. They do not rehash information that is available at These site provide useful, additional, unique information for FreeBSD users.

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FreeBSD Handbook
Describes the installation, administration and day-to-day use of the OS. Created by the FreeBSD Documentation Project.
The Complete FreeBSD
By Greg Lehey; O'Reilly Media, 2003, ISBN 0596005164. This book has been very popular hardcover publication since 1995. Download, PDF or postscript format, free for personal use.
Defcon1 FreeBSD Help Site
Articles point users in the proper direction to learn more about FreeBSD and gain confidence on how easy programs are to install and set up.
FreeBSD Basics
Many useful, professional articles for FreeBSD users. O'reilly Media, BSD DevCenter.
About hardware and software, configuration and administration.
FreeBSD How-To's for the Lazy and Hopeless
An assortment of links to FreeBSD online web site containing how-t
FreeBSD Howtos
Documentation for FreeBSD on how to set up all kinds of services and daemons in easy step-by-step documents.
FreeBSD Hypertext Man Pages
Configurable search tool for man pages for all versions of FreeBSD.
FreeBSD Install Guide
Step by step, how-to, instructional guide to installing FreeBSD from scratch, for the newbie FreeBSD computer hobbyist.
FreeBSD Made Easy
Tutorials on web hosting with FreeBSD.
FreeBSD on Telstra's Bigpond ADSL Network
This document describes the steps I took to connect my FreeBSD 3.4R machine to Telstra's Bigpond ADSL Network.
FreeBSD Online
A helpful resource for FreeBSD containing howtos, articles, forum and a free jobs portal for UNIX jobs.
FreeBSD Tutorials and HowTo's
Install Guides for FreeBSD Stable Versions 4.11, 5.4, 6.0 Provides downloadable copy for personal use.
FreeBSD Wiki
Wiki site focusing on FreeBSD.
Tips and Tutorials for FreeBSD users and administrators: how to install, configure, hack and debug the system.
My FreeBSD Experiences
Notes about what I've done to my FreeBSD boxes: things I've installed, hardware I've made work, little hacks, etc.
My FreeBSD Installation Guide
An article by Sebastiaan Giebels.
NAT Howto
Understandable instructions about how to setup natd under FreeBSD.
Large range of tutorials on software commonly used in FreeBSD and other Unix-like systems.
miniBSD: Reducing FreeBSD
A guide which explains in detail, how to make a small installation of FreeBSD on your system, by yourself. (March 18, 2003)
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