Virtual Memory System, a multi-user, multitasking, virtual memory operating system that runs on the VAX and Alpha lines of minicomputers and workstations, originally developed by Digital Equipment Corporation. VMS was introduced in 1977 and the first customer version shipped in 1978 along with the first VAX minicomputer. The operating system was renamed to OpenVMS in the early 1990's. In 1998, Compaq acquired DEC. Compaq announced the port of the OS to the Itanium Processor Family in 2001. Subsequently, Hewlett Packard aquired Compaq and has maintained roadmaps for the OS, committing to the Itanium port, and they successfully demonstrated OpenVMS booted on an Itanium in early 2003. FreeVMS is an initiative to rewrite the OpenVMS operating system and associated utilities under a public license.

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VMS Software, Inc
The developer of OpenVMS operating system. Product information, FAQs and online documentation for OpenVMS.
CCSS Corp.
Specialists in OpenVMS system management and training. Supporting VAX and Alpha systems.
Computing.Net - OpenVMS Forum
A web forum concerned with OpenVMS.
DECUServe Journals
Archive of DEC conference notes.
DJE Systems VMS Archive
Conceptual articles on the structure and use of FreeVMS and OpenVMS.
A day in the life of an OpenVMS systems manager. Articles and tutorials on systems management and programming for the OpenVMS Operating System.
FreeVMS: Freecode
OpenVMS-like operating system, to run on several architectures: Alpha, i386, and PPC. POSIX kernel and DCL command line interpreter. Only architecture now supported: i386.
Info-VAX Mailing List Archives
Archives from 1996-present.
Jeff Cameron's Open VMS pages
VMS optimization, DCL programming tricks and guides to managing VAX/VMS.
Montagar Software Concepts
Specializes in providing consulting and products for Digital's OpenVMS VAX and Alpha/AXP platforms.
Neil Rieck's compilation of OpenVMS material
A list of links to VMS and OpenVMS information. Includes a list of example programs in the "Programmer's Corner".
OpenVMS Educational Licenses
Information on OpenVMS licenses for schools.
OpenVMS Hobbyist Program
A program that enables OpenVMS enthusiasts to obtain OpenVMS Operating System Licenses and over 100 OpenVMS layered products for their VAX, Alpha or Itanium hardware for Individual use and education.
OpenVMS Survives and Thrives
The OpenVMS operating system has a new lease on life with increased user interest as it moves to 64-bit Itanium.
OpenVMS Training: PARSEC Group
As a certified partner of Hewlett Packard, PARSEC offers a full range of OpenVMS training courses. OpenVMS
Introduction to VMS and OpenVMS operating systems: brief clear descriptions, links, user groups, books.
Python for OpenVMS Wiki
A website about Python programming language and Python tools on OpenVMS.
Robert Gezelter Software Consultant - OpenVMS Related Pages (Practice Areas, Sessions, Articles)
A consulting practice with a substantial emphasis on OpenVMS and related matters. Links to past articles and conference sessions (OpenVMS and other topics), including complete copies of many presentations.
TMESIS Software
Software products and utilites for OpenVMS operating system.
VMS Tuning
Guidelines for optimizing VMS systems.
Open VMS for Itanium almost ready to roll
Hewlett Packard announce the availability of OpenVMS 8.1 for Itanium based systems. (December 21, 2003)
If OpenVMS is Profitable, Where's the Money Going?
HP should be more active with marketing it, or sell it to concentrate on less profitable product lines it is so enamored with. If OpenVMS is as profitable as claimed, where is the money going? [The Inquirer] (June 04, 2003)
OpenVMS: High Time HP Sold It?
With over a year since Hewlett-Packard Compaq merger, it is about time HP decided what to do with OpenVMS. Its limbo state is beyond all reason. It is still better than Unix, Linux, Windows for security, clustering. [The Inquirer] (May 21, 2003)
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