AG Software Application - Utilities and Games for AS/400
Several utilities and games freeware for AS/400, written by Andrea Garbini.
AS-Sure Software
Sign-on screen and SEU replacement software.
AS400 TCPIP and IPDS Printing
Tips and configuration help. AS/400 and RPM work together to add to AS/400 network and remote printing. 21 day free trial.
Attention Software
Messaging and scheduling software.
BCD - Business Computer Design International
Productivity solutions for iSeries - AS/400, including a program generator and report writer, web application development tool and report mining tools with free downloads and trials available.
Black-and-Blue Software
Operations management and utilities, including freeware and shareware
Broderick Data Systems
Providing software solutions for IBM's AS/400 that include spoolfile management, report distribution, email, web-browser interface, printer passthru and file transfer utilities.
BVS Tools
Spool file management and FTP utilities.
Centerfield Technology
CD creator and database management tools.
CPI Software
Software Tools for iSeries AS/400 and Client Server Microsoft Office connectivity - offering electronic forms, Excel and Word compatible output, scan and display of images related with programs APIs.
Custom Menu System (CMS)
Builds database menus on AS/400 machines without needing to re-compile any programs or menus.
Data systems
Undelete utility for the AS/400.
Esker US, Inc.
Provides Corridor for Active Server to translate IBM mainframe and AS/400 data to HTML and integrate it into web applications for e-business.
Firstech Corporation
Date manipulation utility.
Gen400 Ltd
Developers of GEN400 RAD program generator.
Generic Software, Inc
Providing save output queue and schedule master utilities.
Software to achieve the maximum interactive performance in those servers where interactive capability is limited by the manufacturer.
Gumbo Software, Inc
Report designer and spool file management utilities.
ISeries Object Management (IOM)
Meant to provide a single application to manage any/all objects/members/spool files on your i5 system.
Jacana by Momentum Utilities
A range of utility software, including data access, reporting, e-forms, report mining and web/email distribution for iSeries-AS/400.
KDP Software Ltd
Report downloading and System 36 conversion utilities/
Macro 4
Providing print management, access management, and system operations utilities.
New Generation Software, Inc.
Reporting solutions for iSeries - AS/400, including reporting tools and data mining.
Open Universal Software
Products include a performance monitoring tool that monitors both the AS/400 and PC network environments, iSeries-AS/400 and Windows NT bi-directional password synchronization and a monitors for end to end response time across iSeries-AS/400 and Windows NT networks.
Professional Software Solutions Ltd
Barcoding, Fax and programming utilities.
Quick Press
Document printing and management software.
Save Output Queue
A spool file management and archiving system for the iSeries-AS/400.
System Support Products, Inc.
Offer word processing, email, graphics, spoolfile management and workstation security software. [AS/400, S/36]
Utilities 400
Specialists in data interrogation, business intelligence and data delivery solutions for the iSeries.
Document/Output management for AS/400, full Office integration, spool to PDF/Excel/Word conversion and transferring to email/fax/archive, FTP and locking tool.
Wilkinson Computers
Output distribution and electronic forms for iSeries-AS/400.
WorksRight Software, Inc.
Post code and zip code utilities.
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