FAQs, help, and tutorials for Windows XP.

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Using Windows XP
Official Microsoft Windows XP help site providing help and how-to resources on all aspects of using the operating system. Includes links to additional resources.
Bob Cerelli's Windows XP Tips
Provides step-by-step instructions and help. Focuses on tasks for the advanced user.
DougKnox.com windows XP tips and hints.
Tips for Windows XP (some are for advanced users).
Douglas Thrift's Computers Website - Windows XP FAQ
Includes screenshots and links to additional resources.
FAQ and various tutorials for installing and customizing Windows XP. Includes articles and news.
Introductory Windows XP Tutorials
Offers many step-by-step tutorials on the basics of using XP. Includes screenshots and videos. Suitable for beginners.
Knox North
Technical article describing how to use VBScript under Windows XP to control port forwarding of a Universal Plug and Play (UpnP) firewall or router. [For the advanced user.]
Marv's Computer Tips & Tricks
Various helpful instructions, including registry hacks.
Mastering the Basics of Windows XP
Provides a series of 15 video tutorials for beginners.
Microsoft TechNet
Technical resources and white papers on supporting different aspects of Windows XP. Aimed at technical/IT professionals.
Microsoft Windows XP Tutorial (Questions and Answers)
Offers step-by-step answers to common questions on using XP for beginners.
Microsoft's Windows XP Professional Tours and Demos
Animated presentations that provide an overview of the operating system and its key features.
PC Magazine: New Tips for Windows XP
A dozen useful tips. Includes additional feedback from users.
PC Magazine: Simple XP File Sharing
Explains how to turn off this feature in Windows XP Professional.
PC Magazine: Tips for Windows XP
How-to advice on a wide variety of functions related to the operating system. Includes networking and multimedia tips.
PC Pitstop: XP Readiness Test
Analyzes and evaluates your computer to determine if it can be upgraded to Windows XP. Provides information on hardware requirements and possible software incompatibilities.
Radified Windows XP Installation guide
Step-by-step guide to installing Windows XP, including partitioning, from blank hard drive to Ghost image.
Rehan's Windows Movie Maker Effects
A large collection of add-ons and articles for users of Movie Maker 2 video editing software included with Windows XP.
Resources, free newsletter, reviews. Includes screenshots.
Windows XP - Computer education
Contains tips and tweaks for using and configuring XP, educational articles on how Windows works, and tutorials and slide shows.
Windows XP Fixes, Tips and Tweaks
Contains a collection of registry fixes, utilities and troubleshooting documents for Windows XP.
Windows XP Slow Startup
Site geared to non-technical users that explains the reasons for Windows XP being slow to startup. Solutions to these issues are provided.
Windows XP Tech Support
Links and downloads for those providing Windows XP technical support.
WinXPTutor's XP Resources
Illustrations on the most common tasks and solutions for the common problems faced by Windows XP users worldwide. Suitable for "Basic to Advanced" users of Windows.
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