@SwIt Printfil
Allows printing to Windows printers, from DOS, Windows programs, Unix, Linux, or legacy applications running on a Windows PC via terminal emulator software.
Advanced Printers Activity Logger
Windows NT/2000/XP utility that monitors both local and network printers and keeps track all printing activity.
Bersoft HTML Print
Prints single HTML pages without frames. Supports StyleSheets, most of the HTML 3.2 specifications, and many additional popular HTML 4 enhancements, it does not support justified text or JavaScript.
Prints booklets or books and saves paper and ink by printing up to 16 pages on both sides of a sheet. A series of booklets are combined to build a book. BookPrint operates as a printer driver that may be used by any application.
Brooks Internet Software, Inc
LPD printing software solution designed expressly for Windows platforms. RPM allows users to customize and control the processing of print jobs received over a TCP/IP network from host systems including mainframes, AS/400s, UNIX and Linux, and other Windows systems.
Printer control software to select a default printer with a mouse click. Product overview, screenshots, and downloads.
Elk River Systems, Inc.
Ticket printing software and services.
Printer utility that controls the way a documents is printed. Customize printing by printing multiple pages on one page. Options allow documents to be watermarked and support double-sided printing.
Print Merge Numerator utility for Corel DRAW and/or any other designers. Free trial download. [Windows 95/98/ME/XP/2000]
O&K Print Watch
Management of statistics of printed jobs on the printer. Track the user name, computer name, date and time, number of pages, paper size and size in bytes of each job. Support for unlimited numbers of printers for each print-server. [Windows NT 4.0/2000/XP]
PhotoPrinter Pro
Enables digital camera users to print photos of a higher quality. It will automatically arrange photos the optimal way. Layouts can be saved for modification or reprinting. Features multi-pages support, rotate, center and scale single and multiple images.
Print Audit
Tracks what is being printed, where and by whom. In addition, print jobs can automatically be moved to lower cost devices.
Print Studio
A complete office solution for all labeling and stationary needs. Print barcodes, business cards, envelopes, labels, and letterhead straight from your desktop. Seamlessly integrates with databases or address books to simplify and expedite the process.
Allows DOS programs to print to any Windows printer (USB, print server) installed on computer or to RTF file on disk.
Print legibly over 50 pages on one side of A4. Software designed primarily for newspaper-style column format printing.
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