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ABF Favorite Folders
Easily store, manage and access a list of frequently used folders. Designate keyboard shortcuts and icons for any folder.
Active Keys
A tool to create and manage keyboard shortcuts. Create hot keys to control CD Audio, Winamp, Media Player, sound volume, opening folders and documents, and starting applications.
Actual Tools, Inc.
Quickly add new buttons such as Stay On Top and Minimize To Tray on any window title bar. [Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP]
Adjust unseen Windows settings, customize countless parameters on the computer, and free up unused RAM.
Utility to run regular applications and servers as Windows services that do not require user logon and can survive logoff/logon sequences.
Application designed to improve the speed of file transfers on the same hard-drive. Online documentation, support, and download.
Cottonwood Software
The small tool File-Ex makes it possible to use the details view as default in all Windows applications.
Favorite Shortcuts
Provides fast access to frequently used programs, documents and folders. Add new items in two mouse clicks and organize them into groups. Available in any folder background shortcut menu including the desktop. [Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003]
Folder Jockey
Folder shortcut and hotkey utility to help open folders. Software description, screenshots, and download.
Memorizer eXP
Records all data copied to clipboard for later retrieval. Memorizer automatically repairs damaged clipboard chain and uses smart-pack technology.
Mindgems, Inc.
Offers a tool to hide all windows on the desktop quickly, a gallery builder for publishing images on the web, and a duplicate image finder.
Mobile Net Switch
Switch between several networks, all settings are stored in the selected profile. Map drives to a fixed drive letter or to the first or last available free drive letter. It also supports mapping to IPC$ and LPT ports.
Move Me
Automatically transfer all programs and files to a new computer, leaving the new computer's operating system and pre-installed software intact.
Mouse and keyboard automation software utilities, dual monitor software and other utilities.
Program adds a list of favorite folders, a list of recently visited folders and opened or saved files into system menu of standard Open or Save File dialog. It also customizes Places Bar of standard and MS Office Open and Save File dialogs.
Resource Tuner
Advanced visual resource editor, quickly browse, edit and modify the resources contained within 32 bit Windows executable files. Support is provided for nearly every type of binary resource imaginable.
Sinner Computing - GigAlarm
Alarm program, capable of over four million different alarms. The alarm can play a wave file or a program/file running at random or selected, changing the background wallpaper, Other options, including alarm search, templates, snooze control, and variable alarm cut off.
Speed hacking tool for Windows operation system, enables the user to set a speed for his software that can be lower or higher than the standard speed. It can also be used with some online games.
True Launch Bar
A replacement for the standard Windows Quick Launch, combines shortcuts in menus and can be docked into taskbar near Start Button. [Windows 9x/Me/2000/NT4/XP]
Tweaking Toolbox for Windows
Program to improve security, appearance and performance of Windows. Software description, screen shots, download, and registration.
unHUman Software
Windows Sniper will manipulate (almost) any window on the screen: Hide it, click it, change its properties, close it, encapsulate it, reveal passwords, enable objects and menu items.
WinOne - Super Command Shell for Win32
Command Language Interpreter similar in concept to the shells CMD.exe and [Windows 3.1/95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP]
WinTranslate Pro
Utility designed to change the way Windows looks and response, customize any applications completely by changing the text in any window.
Developer of XDesk, SysTrayX, and XFilesDialogue desktop enhancing utilities.
Your Uninstaller
Replacement of standard Windows Add/Remove program. Product documentation, screenshots, and downloads.
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