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2nd Speech Center
Text-to-speech and text-to-mp3/wav software.
Advanced audio software including recorder, converter, cd-ripper, editor and audio cd burner for MP3, WMA and Ogg Vorbis file formats.
Advanced WMA Workshop
Encodes WAV, MP3 and OGG files to WMA (Windows Media Audio) format, and decodes WMA to MP3, OGG and WAV format with ID3Tag v2 support. CD to WMA also supported.
All Editor
Audio editor with over twenty effects, records and save directly to MP3/WMA/OGG/VQF/WAV files. Product specifications, screenshots, FAQs, tutorials, and downloads.
Audio 4 Fun
Products include voice changer software, and music, video and webcam morphers.
Beatlock Technology
DJ Mix Pro is the ideal DJ mixing program for parties and nightclubs or just background music. Design mixes on headphones while music is playing on speakers.
BirdCage Software
Programs for CD Ripping, recording, tagging, editing audio, LP ripping, decoding and encoding MP3, jukebox playlist player, plus Albw /M3U splitter. [Win95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP]
CD Blaster
CD Burner and ripper in one program, supports popular audio formats (MP3, OGG Vorbis, WAV, WMA), can get CD disc information from freedb, and a built-in audio player.
CD Trustee
Automatically catalogs music collection by inserting each CD into your computer. Gathers song titles and album information, no typing needed. Prints jewel cases, CD labels and reports.
Designed to automatically identify and play media of all types, from CD to MP3. It also rips audio CD tracks, converts WAV to MP3, creates MP3 ID3 tags, and automatically downloads CD information from the CDDB over the Internet. [Win95/98/Me/NT/2000]
Coyote Electronics
Software for noise reduction and for repairing the sound from vinyl LP records and cassette tapes with de-hissing and track-splitting, and DirectX plugins for high-quality audio manipulation. Downloads, FAQs, registration, and support.
Sound synthesizer with vapor algorithm that creates very complex sounds in real time. Features MIDI and force feedback controls.
Cybercorder 2000
Provides VCR like recording for radio shows or any audio input. Recordings are stored on disk with optional audio compression to save disk space.
DanDans Software
Audio and Internet software, such as MP3 CD Ripper, and IP Sniffer download trial versions.
DARTech, Inc.
Developer of software for audio-file restoration, recording, and Karaoke creation.
Software to get almost CD quality from vinyl disks. Minimizes clicks, scratches and noise without removing treble sounds.
DJ Jukebox
Playlist generator and media file manager that supports remote control through a LAN.
Computer mixing program to mix MP3, ogg and WAV files. Features; a 3-band equalizer, loops, echo, beat detection, flanger, compressor/normalizer and cue-points. Manual includes a systematic guide.
Easy Mix
Ultimate solution for mixing with some real turn table.
Audio editing tools to create, converter, and save audio files. Software descriptions, screenshots, and trial downloads.
FairStars Soft
Professional audio software products with ease-to-use features, including sound recorder, and audio converter. Supports a variety of formats.
Fractal Tune Smithy
Program for playing fractal tunes and exploring microtonal music. Program download, documentation, screenshots, and background theory.
Software to turning the computer into a guitar effects processor, includes effects and presets library. Software overview, screenshots, and trial download.
Impulse Modeler
Tool for those who use convolved reverbs in their soundworks. Design room impulse responses ranging from small rooms to large echo halls to small "intimate" cabinets to echoing soundscapes. The resulting WAV can be loaded into any convolution reverberator.
JukeBytes 1.0
JukeBytes is a program to have all .m3u and .pls playlist inside a jukebox simulator.
Shareware drum machine for Windows. Clear, simple interface. Can use any standard WAV file as a drum sound. Includes audio processing, and various digital effects.
Loop Recorder
Designed for capturing songs from the radio. The loop mode infinitely records up to a specified number of minutes in a continuous loop while scrolling the data.
Integrated Play Center for MIDI, MP3, Wave, CD-Audio files and all others WindowsMedia supported sound files. Can also be used to create, edit and load playlists.
MixMeister Technology, LLC
Creates software tools for playing, producing and performing music mixes.
A DJ program, which includes a mixer, virtual CD player, equalizer, and sound effects generation. All sound formats are supported, including MP3 and WAV. [Demo]
MusicEase Software
Music notation software.
n-Track Studio
Audio multitrack recording and editing DAW software with unlimited audio and MIDI tracks, virtual editing features, support for 24 bit multichannel sound cards, realtime effects and support for VST and AU effects and instruments.
NoteWorthy Composer
Software music composition, and notation processor, to create, record, edit, print, and play back musical scores. (Win95/98/Me/NT/2000)
Peak Limiter
Compresses 16-bit PCM sound files such that the result seems unchanged to the human ear. This permits rising the main volume of the sound file considerably without causing clipping or distortion.
Polyhedric Software
Maker of the Acid WAV sound editor and synthesizer. WAVmaker, MIDI to WAV renderer.
Software to create, play, burn, and copy CD+G and video karaoke. Also offers converter tools for various formats, including MIDI.
RIP Vinyl
Convert vinyl records, cassette tapes to multiple digital formats.
Riptide Innovations
With the combination of the TouchTone Audio System software and some low-cost hardware, average home users can learn how to transform their computer and music files into a high-tech, touch screen, music (Mp3, OGG, WMA) jukebox.
Realtime MIDI Chord Arranger an auto accompaniment software. It has all major features of a high quality MIDI keyboard and the unique ability to create accompaniment styles from midifiles.
Roni Music
The main products are the Musician's CD Player and Slow Speed CD Transcriber software. Both products are intended for musicians wanting to slow down music without changing the pitch.
SoundFaction Alive
A graphical Soundfont editor for Creative Labs Soundfont compatible devices. Program provides editors for synthesizers like the Korg Prophecy and the Creative Labs SBLive range. [Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2k]
Sounds Factory
MIDI Editor is an universal MIDI sounds editor. MIDI shareware and sounds download.
Tray Transpose Tool
Program that will work with any Windows application to transpose chords into any key.
Wave Corrector
A true WYSIWYG waveform corrector to automatically removes clicks and hiss from vinyl and tape/cassette recordings and divides album files into separate CD track files.
XemiComputers Audio
Audio Notes Recorder and Claudio are voice notes and sound recording programs that work from the system tray.
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