Tools for Web page creation. HTML is short for HyperText Markup Language, the authoring language used to create documents on the World Wide Web. This category is for HTML related shareware software and there is a subcategory for shareware HTML editors. If an HTML editor is freeware, please suggest it to Computers/Software/Freeware/Editors/HTML If an HTML editor is WYSIWYG then please suggest it to Computers/Software/Internet/Authoring/HTML/WYSIWYG_Editors

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A site for people who think. Intellectual resources, programming, astronomy, science, mathematics, Java applets, HTML instruction, home of Arachnophilia.
Bersoft Ebook Compilers and Document Distribution System
Programs for compiling HTML based e-books and distributing and installing any kind of files. Two different web compilers one based on IE and other using a stand-alone engine.
Tool for on-the-fly conversion of compiled HTML Help (chm) files to ready to publish web pages. Software
Source code viewer to see all of the code on any URL page including pages protected by no-right-click scripts, trapped in windows without file menus or URL boxes, and referrer pages that cannot be seen in from the browser. Developed by
HTML-to-text converter and markup remover, with marked up headings, lists and tables all preserved.
A document conversion tool that can convert between RTF, HTML and text. This includes RTF to HTML; and HTML to RTF. Available for Linux; Windows; ActiveX; and DLL.
Converts MS Word documents (DOC, DOCX, RTF, TXT, etc.) to clean compact (X)HTML pages, while retaining all the necessary formatting.
An HTML and Windows HTML Help editor/compiler for Word. Creates all versions of Windows Help for winhelp programmers.
HTML Calendar Maker Pro
Use this program for Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000 and NT to elegantly create customized monthly web page calendars in seconds. It even includes built-in color schemes.
HTML Code Cleaner
Optimize HTML documents, resulting in shorter downloading and uploading time. Pages will appear in client's Internet browser in the same way, but they will be about 20-40% smaller. Software features, screenshots, download, Flash tutorial, and PDF manual.
HTML Indexer
Creates a pure HTML back-of-the-book index from any collection of HTML files, also includes output options for HTML Help and Java Help index files. [Win95/98/Me/NT/2000]
HTML Link Validator
Checks pages on web server or on local computer for broken links. Case sensitive.
HTML PowerTools
Ensure that your HTML is error-free for any, or all browsers; customize the included browser definitions; verify that all the links are valid; find spelling errors; and offer search-and-replace through an entire Web site. (Win95/98/Me/NT/2000)
Just Great Software Co. Ltd.
Award-winning Delphi components and his highly-praised programs like EditPad and HelpScribble.
Multi-Browser Viewer
Cross browser compatibility testing software application. Includes iPhone and iPad mobile checks and for Windows, Mac and Linux.
Multiple HTML File Maker
Using one file with a database, you can create web catalogs, product manuals and program catalogs, comprising static HTML pages with a directory, which will be indexed by search engines.
Pocket CHM
Create chm files or ebooks with a WYSIWYG interface, decompile chm files, and open and edit an existent .chm file. Screen shots, FAQs, download and software features.
A program that converts RTF (Rich Text Format) to HTML. It can be used in ASP pages, or any COM ActiveX container, such as Visual Basic. [Win95/98/Me/NT/2000]
SoftFuse Nice Tables
Tiny software to create nice HTML-tables using built-in WYSIWYG editor and harmonious color scheme generator. HTML/XHTML/CSS support.
Editor for beginners. Allows one to create pages from themes, publish them, and submit them in search engines. Also includes links, screenshots, and themes to download.
Text2Web Pro
Is a tool to convert text documents to HTML format. It incorporates integrated clipboard support for Web authors, who want to include snippets of text (formatted or unformatted) into their Web pages. [Win95/98/Me/NT/2000]
TOTF 1.4
Complete set of tools to create and manage web pages, with function as text styles, insert of links and images, which allow the user to create not only a web page but also portal and thumbnail galleries.
Web Idea Tree
WIT is a data manager and a web authoring software designed for Windows platforms. Product specifications, FAQs, tutorial, screenshots, downloads, ordering and registration information.
Lets you convert a group of HTML pages into a standalone, self-running EXE file with an integrated browser.
Webscript Encoder
Encode web pages and protect HTML code against source theft. View Screen Shots, Download trial version, prices, and purchasing information. [Windows 9x/NT/ME/XP]
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