An editor program allows the user to create and modify simple text files. This is as opposed to a word processor program which usually allows formatting, fonts, italics, and other stylistic devices intended to look better when printed out - an editor is simply designed to edit text. Because of this, editors are often used to write computer programs, configuration files, web pages, and other technical files that are read by other computer programs, not only by people.

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Boxer Software
Developer of a line of text editors. Fully functional evaluation copies are available for download.
A Notepad replacement with 10-level undo, skin support, and various other advanced features.
Excellent text and HTML editor from JGsoft. Highly configurable. Handles regular expressions in multiple files of any size.
EmEditor is a text editor for Windows. Some features include open files of unlimited size, unlimited undo and redo, word wrap, clickable URLs and email addresses. More-advanced features include macro recording, custom-highlighting parameters for programmers, and full Unicode multi language support, main window can be split into four panes.
A notepad replacement with DIZ and NFO ASCII Art support.
GridinSoft Notepad
Support for highlighting features formore than 50 formats of files such as C, C++, and PHP.
GWD Text Editor
Text editor with built-in fonts with different character sets, GIF and BMP files viewer, search and replace, including support for regular expressions. [Win 3.1/95/NT]
Offers a visual help authoring tool for creating CHM, HTML, and PDF help documents. Includes a free trial and order form.
Hesky-Data Software Pad
A full featured text and HTML editor with a word processing function (RTF) and an image viewer, as well. Offers many useful features, such as clip manager, templates, and a powerful search and replace. [Win 95/98/NT/2000]
Mars Notebook
A tree-styled notebook with encryption and a full featured text editor.
Text and HTML editor, three versions to choose from standard, pro, and light. Product specifications, screenshots, FAQs, and downloads.
Personal Editor 32
Ascii file editor with a console interface, similar to the Dos IBM Personal Editor. Software descriptions, screenshots, download, and contact details.
Prism Editor
A text editor featuring user-defined functions, advanced filtering, statistics/metrics, file profiling, and color syntax highlighting.
Sudden View
Promotes Cut, Copy, Paste and Move to directly manipulated mouse control.
Unicode plain text editor for Windows. Includes system requirements and screenshots.
Browser based text and WYSIWG HTML and DHTML editor, text and WYSIWG XML editor, RTF editor and IDE for Microsoft HTML help projects, and IDE for Microsoft .Net framework.
Windows-based XML editor, featuring a side-by-side XML tree structural view and table/editor/browser views. Product specifications, screenshots, FAQs, and downloads.
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