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Multics was the acronym for "Multiplexed Information and Computing Service" - a mainframe timesharing operating system begun in 1965 and used up until 2000. Although this was the immediate forerunner of the Unix operating system, it was also in many ways its antithesis.
Dps8m: A simulator for the Multics dps-8/m mainframe
Project to create a simulator for the Honeywell DPS8-M mainframe which will run Mulrics.
Honeywell DPS8
Brief technical information on the DPS8 platform used to run the Multics OS, plus links.
Mainz Multics
The history and technical details of the DPS8 installation at the University of Mainz, Germany. Photo gallery of Multics hardware components.
Multics Home Page
Information on Multics, much of it from the newsgroup alt.os.multics.
Multics Psalm
A humorous prayer well-known to veteran Multicians. Scanned PNG file.
Multics Repository
A collection of applications written in PL/1, exec_com and other languages, plus papers and other documentation [ftp].
Multics Source Repository
Complete Source for MR12.5 contributed by Bull HN and MIT.
Wikipedia - Multics
A brief history and description of this operating system with links to further reading.
Seattle Weekly: Multics and Mr. Rogers
Marking the demise of the Multics OS and drawing parallels with the PBS show "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood." (November 23, 2000)
Slashdot: The Last Multics System Decommissioned
The announcement of the closure of the last Multics system and a brief discussion as the significance of the Operating System. (November 13, 2000)
Risks Digest: The End of the Multics Era
Article by Peter G. Neumann on the decommissioning of the last Multics system at the Canadian Department of National Defence in October 2000. (November 08, 2000)
Multics Security Evaluation: Vulnerability Analysis
The USAF's analysis into potential weaknesses and strengths of the Multics OS. [PDF] (January 01, 1974)
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