Sites offering software that runs on IBM mainframe computers, from financial applications to system utilities.

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Manuals for IBM z/OS Software Products
Documentation for optional IBM software that runs on z/OS. Freely viewable on-line in simulated BookManager. Some also available in Portable Document Format (.pdf).
ACL Services: Software
Audit software, consulting and training company. ACL Client/Server integrates ACL for Windows with ACL for OS/390, as well as the ACL for IMS and DB2 optional interfaces.
Action Software International: Software
Mainframe change management and testing software, for z/OS, including its Unix System Services (USS) component.
Al Sherkow
IBM mainframe z/OS capacity planning and performance consultant. His LPAR Capacity and Software Usage Analysis (LCS) software helps plan, implement, monitor and audit Workload License Charges (WLC) for software products.
Applied Software
Specializing in TSO, file transfer, encryption and print software, including VTAM Multi-User Platform (MUP), a high performance TSO replacement.
ASPG: Advanced Software Products Group
Software company that develops and distributes z/OS and VSE/ESA systems software used for Storage Administration, Capacity Planning, Data Security, Disaster Recovery, System Productivity and CICS Productivity.
Astrom Software
A Swedish software company that distributes several products and has created one of their own. InterSession/MENU is a 3270 Session Manager for z/OS, VSE/ESA and z/VM. It includes Single Sign-On (SSO) and a built-in TN3270 server.
Aviva Solutions
TCP/IP (TN3270, TN5250) and SNA terminal emulation software to access mainframe, AS/400, UNIX and DEC systems. 3270, 5250 and VT220 emulation from Windows, Web, Java and Terminal Server. Plus Aviva HostPrint Server.
Security software for z/OS RACF mainframe environments. Plus z/OS security-related support services, including training.
Beta Systems Software
Mainframe data center software for document and logfile management, process history, archiving, scheduling, RACF security as well as Identity and Access Management.
Blueline Software Australia
Distributor for z/OS and VSE/ESA systems software in Australia, New Zealand and some of South East Asia.
BMC Software
Systems software company with emphasis in systems management, mainframes, IMS and DB2.
Brooks Internet Software: IPDS Printing Software
ExcelliPrint is Windows-based emulation software that allows an inexpensive printer to replace a high-end IBM Intelligent Printer Data Stream (IPDS) printer used by mainframe and iSeries computers to combine graphics, barcodes and text into a single document.
Century Software - exacting terminal emulation
TinyTerm is 3270 mainframe terminal emulation software for Windows workstations. Other terminals and hosts are also supported.
Quick-Ref software provides easy access to z/OS-based mainframe technical information, such as operating system and systems software error message descriptions.
Computer Application Services
CASI provides JES2 and CICS software: JES2FTP, JES2Mail, SideCICS, ABend-Catcher and Electronic Mail System (EMS). As well as consulting and COBOL/CICS development services.
Control Solutions
A data center automation company offering its own software (EZ/M) and services for customers with BMC software products.
CSI International
Offers z/OS and z/VSE software solutions: network management and monitoring, security management, data management.
Specializing in enterprise job scheduling and software change management.
Data 21
JES2 report distribution and PKZIP/GZIP compatible compression for z/OS, VSE/ESA and CICS.
Data Center Management Systems
z/OS software for problem management, change control, JCL, date control and aging and hardware/software inventory. Plus, TBOX, a collection of software development and testing tools.
LiveBusiness software accesses data across multiple platforms, including the mainframe.
Assembler, and C and C++ compilers for all IBM mainframe operating systems, including Linux.
T-REX is a z/OS utility to analyze, diagnose, report, backup and repair clusters and Integrated Catalog Facility (ICF) components.
DTS Software
Storage management software for z/OS, Hitachi VOS3 and Fujitsu MSP operating systems.
Edge Information Group
The Edge Portfolio Analyzer (EPA) analyzes z/OS executable load modules, generating reports or data files for further analysis by EPA External Analyzers or other reporting tools.
Eberhard Klemens is a security software, consulting and training company specializing in RACF and CA-ACF2.
Enterprise Systems Associates, Inc.
Provides software tools and services for the IBM mainframe marketplace, including DB2 tools, z/OS SMF analysis and program tracking, and TCP/IP products.
Expanded Systems Services
Canadian z/OS software, consulting and education company. Their XTC software shares tape drives between multiple images of the operating system.
Fischer International
A software and Meta Directory consulting company. Products include Prio!, TAO and IOF (Interactive Output Facility), which provides JES2 access from TSO and CICS.
Legacy to Web products, including Convert/ADSO, Convert/CSP, Convert/IDMS-DB, Convert/IDMS-DC, Convert/VSAM and Redirect/COBOL.
Foundation Software
Mainframe software products include the PEngi product line, all written in the PEngiCCL COBOL macro language. Also provides consulting and software development services.
GDDM: Graphical Data Display Manager
Available for z/OS, z/VM and VSE/ESA, with some components base elements included with z/OS.
GSF Software
Gilbert Saint-Flour's z/OS software company, specializing in utilities and VSE conversion tools.
GT Software
Specializes SOA development solutions for IBM mainframes. Site provides details of products and services, company profile, and news.
H&M Systems Software
Develops and maintains mainframe software with a specialization in CICS networks. Features product descriptions and general company information.
H&W Computer Systems
H&W provides consulting and about 20 z/OS and z/VSE software products.
HiT Software
Standards-based infrastructure products for relational database access include support for DB2 in z/OS, z/VM, VSE/ESA and Linux environments.
Hummingbird: HostExplorer Family
Terminal emulation software, including 3270 mainframe.
IBM Software
IBM home page for all of its software products, including Lotus and Tivoli, with keyword search, category browse and A-Z product names.
IBM Tivoli Storage Manager
ITSM automates backup, recovery and archiving of data across multiple platforms. The ITSM server began on mainframe z/VM as WDSF, expanded to z/OS and renamed as DFDSM, and to non-mainframe platforms as ADSM, TSM and now ITSM.
Illustro Systems International
Software to create Web-based applications from 3270 mainframe applications. And to generate XML from mainframe data.
Innovation Data Processing
Mainframe systems software company whose products include FDR (backup), ABR (automated backup), FDR/UPSTREAM (server-to-z/OS backup), FDRPAS (non-disruptive movement of DASD), IAM (transparent VSAM alternative) and FATS/FATAR (tape certification and recovery).
ISPW BenchMark Technologies
Their Integrated Software Processing Workframe (ISPW) provides an application management environment for z/OS applications, including those with workstation clients. It can be accessed through a 3270 user interface, a Browser interface or a GUI written in Java.
Janus Associates
Security consulting and software company. ICU (Integrity Concerns Uncovered) runs on z/OS.
Jolly Giant Software
JGS provides ftp file transfer and tn3270e 3270 terminal emulation software for Windows workstations connecting to an IBM mainframe, including an encrypted (SSL) tn3270e.
A software company offering e-mail list and delivery management products, including some that run on z/VM.
Lee Technologies
Software support, development services and monitoring and productivity systems software for z/VSE, z/VM and z/OS: Vital Signs for CICS, Performance Monitor for CICS/TS, Vital Signs for VSE, Performance Monitor for VSE, DiskMaster/VSE, Disk Manager for VSE, TapeMaster/VSE, Tape Manager for VSE, MultiPrint/VSE, CICS and VM Print Spooler, Fathom and CICS Based File Transfer Utility.
LEGATO Systems
Storage management software including the NetWorker backup and recovery product which supports mainframe Linux.
Levi, Ray and Shoup
LRS provides software and consulting, best known for its VTAM Printer Support (VPS) Enterprise Output Management (EOM) product.
Lexonix Technologies
VisiTrac analyzes z/OS batch processing to provide an understanding of its structure and performance issues. Interfaces with any scheduling system.
Lotus Software
IBM subsidiary best known for multi-platform Notes and Domino messaging groupware supports z/OS-based Domino servers.
MacKinney Systems
Offers mainframe software to replace Compuware's Xpeditor and Abend-AID, CA's InterTest, IBM's Debug Tool and InfoPrint, LRS' VPS and DRS, Macro4's VTAMPRINT, UNICOM's Comet and CICS/Windows.
Micro-Processor Services
Provides computer language translation software and services. Mainframe source languages include Assembler, COBOL, PL/I and FORTRAN. Translations to C, C++ and Java.
MPI Tech
Print-related software and hardware, including AFP conversions.
Software, education and consulting for IBM WebSphere MQ messaging middleware environments.
MVS Solutions
A z/OS systems software company best known for ThruPut Manager, a product that works with JES2 and Workload Manager to automate the management of batch processing.
NewEra Software
Stand Alone Environment (SAE) provides a self-loading ISPF-like environment for repairing z/OS systems that will not IPL. IMAGE Focus provides change and configuration management for changes made to z/OS.
Open Software Technologies
Specializing in REXX language extensions, RACF security, mainframe e-mail, and online help and documentation systems for z/OS environments. Products include Memocast, EuropaMail, REXXTOOLS, REXX to RACF (RtoR) and BOS.
OpenTech Systems
z/OS tape storage and disaster recovery software, especially for VTS (virtual tape) environments.
Pacific Systems Group
Spectrum Writer is a report writer and file-format utility for z/OS and VSE.
Phoenix Software International
Data entry software, systems management utilities and productivity tools for z/OS, OS/390, VSE/ESA and Windows operating systems. Including EJES, FALCON and CONDOR.
Progress DataDirect Database Driver for DB2
Data connectivity software that includes support for access to mainframe DB2.
Quest Software
Application and database management software including solutions for cross-platform integration.
Relational Architects
DB2, REXX, ISPF, IMS, VSAM and other z/OS data access and system management software.
Responsive Systems
DB2 performance tools and consulting for DB2, IMS, CICS and z/OS.
Rocket Mainstar
Offers disaster recovery, storage and mirroring solutions.
SAP is a suite of integrated application software that runs on multiple platforms, including mainframe (IBM eserver zSeries) Linux.
Seagull Software
A Dutch-based international software, education and services company specializing in terminal emulation, Web-enablement and legacy integration with LegaSuite, an integrated platform of software modules that allows legacy applications to become building blocks for improved business applications. Supports Java and .NET.
Secure e-mail systems for Linux running on zSeries mainframes.
SoftBase Systems
Software mainly for z/OS DB2 environments, but also for QMF, non-mainframe DB2, VSAM and sequential files.
Software AG
The Adabas database management system (DBMS) and Natural fourth generation language (4GL) both run on z/OS, z/VM and VSE/ESA.
Software Diversified Services: SDS
Software company with z/OS, z/VM and VSE/ESA mainframe utilities: system monitoring, CICS, report, backup, session and print management, file transfer, compression; IP, SNA, FTP, telnet, sockets. Links to some industry news.
Software Engineering of America: SEA
Specializes in mainframe data center software.
Software Engineering: SEGUS
System management software for DB2, z/OS and Tivoli Workload Scheduler, formerly OPC.
SYSTOR's SAM Security Software
Security Administration Manager (SAM) is a family of software, much of which supports the mainframe. SYSTOR also provides consulting, system integration and outsourcing.
TargetStream Technologies
Software and services to support the electronic delivery and presentation of document, report and print stream information, including conversion of IBM's Advanced Function Printing (AFP) format into Adobe's PDF format.
TBS Software
Software for z/OS e-mail environments.
Tivoli Division of IBM
IBM acquired System Management Software company Tivoli and has now expanded the Tivoli division to include many core IBM software products.
TurboTune from Critical Path Software
Tuning, Optimization and Performance analysis of data centers with emphasis on online, batch windows, databases and I/O subsystem problem solving.
UBS KeyTools is a set of 10 software tools for DB2, IMS and z/OS, that simplify DataBase Administrator (DBA) tasks, allowing many to be delegated. UFD also provides DB2 training and consulting.
Vanguard Integrity Professionals - Nevada
RACF-related security software.
Velocity Software
Specializing in performance monitoring software for z/VM, including Linux on z/VM, they also offer a z/VM Web server, performance workshops, an on-line newsletter for customers and useful tips, presentations and links on their Web sites.
William Data Systems
Mainframe network management and problem determination software: Products include ZEN, ZEN Trace and Solve (EXIGENCE), ZEN Enterprise Extender Monitor (FERRET), IP Monitor (IMPLEX), FTP Alerting and Monitoring (FTPAlert), and security products (APIAS) for z/OS Mainframes.
The Workstation Group
UNIX implementations, including mainframe Linux, of ISPF, REXX and XEDIT, sort/merge/reporting package for UNIX and NT, and data conversion between z/OS, z/VM and UNIX.
Xbridge Systems: DataSniff
DataSniff a patent-pending, automated search technology able to scan structured and unstructured datasets and database tables in mainframes, allowing customers to search for specific and defined sensitive information.
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