Mac OS X is Apple's next-generation operating system based on BSD Unix, and Mach OS. It was released in 2001.

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Apple: Mac OS X
The Apple Mac OS X product page. Describes features in the current version of Mac OS X, a screenshot gallery, latest software downloads, and a directory of resources.
High Performance Computing on Mac OS X
Collection of tools and information for scientific computation on Mac OS X including Fortran (g77, g95, HPF), MPI, OpenMP, Cactus, Globus, and RNPL among others.
HyperJeff's OS X Page
Features a large list of native OS X software, and essays on software installation.
Immortal Files
Mac OS X cloud and external drives backup app. File-by-file backup utility.
Mac OS X - Downloads
Directory of freeware, shareware, and commercial software available for download or purchase.
Mac OS X processes
List of known Mac OS X system processes with short descriptions and links to more detailed information.
Mac OS X Security
Security issues and advisories. Locate security vulnerability and published hack reports for the new operating system.
Mac OS X Speed FAQ
The speed of the operating system is controlled by several factors. Offers a list and discussion of each.
(Formerly A community of IT professionals sharing information and solutions to support Macs in an enterprise.
Max OSX Guru
Tips for tuning and running Darwin and Apple's OSX.
Modified Oroborus for Mac OS X
Rootless window server to run Linux applications. Includes downloads, version history, and screenshots.
OS X for Legacy Macs
Allows the installation of Mac OS X and Darwin on unsupported Macs including the 7300 through 9600 from an unmodified Install CD. Includes a tech support forum and FAQ.

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