This section is for sites that offer documentation on a Linux specific application, command, or topic. Documentation is meant to fully explain a subject or topic. That topic can sometimes be wide in scope (all of XWindows), and sometimes quite narrow(a specific command). The structure is often hierarchical, allowing a user to drill down to exactly what topic they wish to learn about. Tutorials are closely related to documentation, but they are more linear based--they start at the beginning and they work towards a specific goal, with minimal coverage of topics not needed to reach that goal. Tutorials belong in the tutorials category.

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Linux Documentation Project
The LDP has subject-specific help, FAQ, help on individual commands, and documentation guides for Linux.
The CTDP Linux Operating System section
Contains several documents and articles about Linux. Many categorized Linux weblinks are included. Documents include a Linux User's Guide, How Linux Works Guide, and Files and Command Reference. Internal pages uses frames
Erik's Book About Linux
Covers a variety of topics, including why to use Linux, partitions, beginning commands, user rights, LILO, virtual terminals, shell scripts, configuration, system and BASH init files, daemons, PPP connections, CRON, SSH, mocules, slow loading X, how to find distributions, and compiling your kernel.
HOWTOs describe in detail a certain aspect of configuring or using Linux. Site has information about the HOWTOs and using them, and an annotated index.
IBM Linux Technology Center Technical Library
The documentation section of the IBM LTC. Includes articles on clusters, Java, and security.
Linux Command Manual
HTML version of Linux manual pages.
The Linux Cookbook
All-encompassing book on using open source software, which itself is open source and available online.
Linux Installation and Getting Started
A guide to installing and transitioning to the Linux operating system. Topics include getting and installation, system administration, the XWindows system, and networking.
Linux on Laptops
A collection of articles on how to make Linux run on laptops manufactured by various companies.
Linux Security Documentation
The documentation section of Includes a number of articles on hardening and securing Linux.

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