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Firewall Piercing mini-HOWTO
Tutorial on using ppp over telnet to do network stuff transparently through an Internet firewall. (François-René Rideau)
Firewalling and Proxy Server HOWTO
Teaches the basics of firewall systems and give you some detail on setting up both a filtering and proxy firewall on a Linux based PC, by Mark Grennan.
Linux Administrator's Security Guide
A security guide aimed at administrators and users, available online in Acrobat PDF format, by Kurt Seifried.
Linux Bridge+Firewall Mini-HOWTO
A tutorial on how to setup a bridge and a firewall with Linux, by Peter Breuer.
Describes how to obtain, install and configure the enhanced IP firewalling chains software for Linux, and how they might be used, by Paul Russell.
Linux Security HOWTO
Security issues that face the administrator, security philosophy, examples of how to secure the system from intruders.
Linux Security HOWTO
General overview of security issues that face the administrator of Linux systems. It covers general security philosophy and a number of specific examples of how to better secure your Linux system from intruders.
Network Security Information: UNIX
Network Security Library has links to many UNIX (and, especially, Linux) security articles on host hardening, security admin guides, and special purpose hardening tips.
Ritter's Crypto Glossary and Dictionary of Technical Cryptography
Hyperlinked definitions and discussions of many cryptographic, mathematics, logic, statistics, and electronics terms used in cipher construction and analysis.
Secure POP via SSH mini-HOWTO
Explains how to set up secure POP connections using ssh, by Manish Singh.
Securing NIS
Provides a checklist on how to secure UNIX/Linux NIS (formerly YP) services in an intranet environment.
Setting up a secure Linux server
Setting up a secure Linux server using RedHat and the Linux From Scratch system.
A Simple Scheme to Make Passwords Based on One-Way Functions Much Harder to Crack
Discusses the possibility that crackers might generate and distribute a massive list of encrypted passwords.
UnOfficial SELinux FAQ
A technical FAQ for the NSA SELinux project, which covers installation and implementation issues.
YoLinux: Internet Server Security HowTo and Tutorial
This tutorial covers the installation and use of hacker protection software such as Portsentry, tripwire, ssh. It also covers configuration and administration steps to make a Linux server secure against hackers.
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