This category is only for tools and methods of developing software for Operating Systems based on the Linux kernel.

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Advanced Bash-Scripting
A guide for those wishing to start shell scripting. Assumes no knowledge of shell scripting but advances quickly.
The BETA Language Home Page
Official Home Page for the Simuli-like OOP language BETA. Features documentation, tutorials, and general information.
CodeDragon IDE and RAD
Multi-user software development environment for Linux and other Unix systems.
DCE RPC for Linux 2.0.30
DCE RPC for Linux 2.0.30.
DDD - The Data Display Debugger
The Data Display Debugger is a common graphical user interface to GDB, DBX, and XDB, the popular UNIX debuggers.
Open source projects, programming essays, reusable concepts. Mostly Linux-centric.
An Introduction To Linux/Unix Programming
Well written, entertaining, basics for 1 hour presentation.
Linux 2.4 Filesystem Porting Issues
This document is a partial comparison of Linux kernels 2.2.18 and 2.4.0 focusing on changes in filesystem code.
Linux Enterprise Computing
Various aspects of Linux in business, including databases, bug tracking project management ,help-desk automation tools,and version configuration management tools.
Linuxconf Project
Tool for administering the software configuration on a system.
An mp3 and mpeg I video/audio library for Linux.
O'Reilly LinuxDevCenter
Offers information and resources, a daily round-up of the important distributions, people, companies and organizations that make up the open source community. Linux FAQ and general information forums online.
Detailed profiling package. Capable of profiling the whole system, from device drivers to applications.
Serial Programming HOWTO
An advanced guide on how to make your Linux software communicate with a serial interface.
Social Networks Visualiser for Linux
This QT program reads social network data (pajek/sociomatrix) and displays them graphically. The user can mouse-interact and calculate basic network properties. GNU License
Tool to convert QT Translation Sources to .po Gettext Format.
VAST/f90 Fortran 90
Compiler for Linux, limited personal version is free.
Xwpe-ALPHA Project
Programming environment for UNIX systems. The user interface mimics the Borland C and Pascal family of products for MS-DOS.

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