This category is for personal pages of Linux developers and enthusiasts. Sites which are not primarily about an individual belong elsewhere in the Linux tree depending on the topic they discuss. For example, sites which are mostly links to other Linux sites are located in Linux/Directories.

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Alexandre Dulaunoy
Free Software and Freedom activist in Europe (Belgium / Luxembourg). Information about Free Software project around Computer Security.
Babylon: An Open Source Site
Information on Linux and Open Source projects. By Fred Wiseman.
Bruce Perens
Software projects include an embedded systems toolkit and memory management debugger. Articles about open source and interviews.
C. Scott Ananian
Projects include networking tools. Books, poetry, music, and software.
Links and information about Linux, Vim, and Opera.
Chris Lattner
Research interests include operating systems development and graphics. Links to projects.
Christopher M. Adams
Chris's website.
David Sweet
Books about KDE and audio tools.
Dick Streefland
Author of satellite receiver tools. Interests include skiing and digital TV.
Dragos Acostachioaie
Projects include an object oriented text-based user interface for Unix and an automated documentation system. Includes articles about Linux.
Ertl, Anton
Research interests include compilers, constraint logic, and Linux filesystems. Links and essays.
Grant Taylor
Maintainer of the Linux printing documentation.
Greg O'Keefe
Wrote documentation of the Linux boot process. Has introductions to his love of logic, math, philosophy, GNU/linux, music, family, and some links.
Hao-Ran Liu
Research publications and slides of talks about the Linux kernel.
James Craig Burley
Projects include a Fortran compiler. List of restaurants, links, and hardware experiences.
Jamie Zawinski
Author of Netscape Navigator. Articles about open-source software issues, other writings, and software tools.
Jesper Laisen's website
Articles on Open Source, Linux, e-business, and security.
Joe Wreschnig
Writing, Dungeons and Dragons, Debian software, and journal.
John Beppu
Projects and links.
John Rowell
Links to projects and papers.
Karl Heinz Kramer
Linux laptop development and cat pictures.
Kegel, Dan
Information about ISDN, DSL, ethernet, and using Linux on laptops.
L.V.Gandhi's Pages
It is about me and my family with hints for Linux use regarding installation, booting, Internet, multimedia, system and configuration.
Brief collection of Linux utilities
Michael Still
Various Open Source packages, include PDF generation software.
Miguel de Icaza
Author of GNOME. Articles about UNIX and links to software projects.
Mike Brown Linux links
Links to useful sites about Linux, Samba, vim and various installs, including tutorials, applications and FAQs.
This is the personal website of S. Mukund. Mukund has contributed code to several projects including the GIMP, and XChat.
Nico Goldes Homepage
Linux, Texte, Debian, Software, Programmierung
Oliver Elphick
Maintainer of some Debian packages. Linux links.
Parsons, David
Projects include a small vi clone and a Linux distribution. Links to code and model railroad information.
Pauline Middelink
Projects include identd support, IP masquerading, and patches for the IDE UMC8673 chip.
Peter Palfrader
Projects include utilities to convert source code to HTML and mailing list management.
Author of a WML compiler. Photos, drawings, writing, and links.
Quintin Womack
Latest Linux news, security tips, FAQs and HOWTOs.
Raph Levien
Links to projects, essays, and consulting information.
Rik van Riel
Diary, kernel patches, and lectures.
Roderick Smith
Books, articles and links for Linux.
Rodger Donaldson
Book reviews, diary, and photos. Projects include modifications to a GTML preprocessor.
Russ Nelson
Pacifist writings and links to projects.
Samuel Hocevar
Diary, writing, photos, and links to projects, including videolan.
SivaramaKrishnan Nageswaran - Dying for Linux
This is the home page of SivaramaKrishnan Nageswaran - loves to live and die with and for LINUX!
Thomas Driemeyer
Software projects and bicycle tour descriptions.
Tom Oehser
Resume and Linux on a floppy.
Tom Rothamel
Software, talks, and book reviews.
Tridgell, Andrew
Author of Samba. Contact information and links to software.
Vince Levey
Assorted Open Source packages and hacks.

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