Podcasts that are mainly about Linux.
FLOSS Weekly
Podcast from Los Angeles discusses free and open-source software. Delivered in both audio and video formats.
Full Circle Magazine
Ogg vorbis and mp3 podcast covers topics related to the Ubuntu Linux operating system. Downloading podcast requires registration/password.
Going Linux Podcast
Provides information and news for Linux users. Also provides tutorials to ease the transition of Windows users to Linux.
Jupiter Broadcasting
Linux video podcast covers Linux news, technology, and, Linux-related topics.
Kernelpanic Oggcast
Linux podcast in the ogg vorbis audio format, and a Linux discussion forum.
The Linux Basement
Podcast about Linux, open-source software, and technology. Mp3 and ogg vorbis feeds.
Linux in the Ham Shack
Linux, open-source, and ham radio podcast. Produced in ogg vorbis and mp3 formats.
The Linux Link Tech Show
Linux podcast in both the mp3 and ogg vorbis formats. Discusses Linux, open-source, and technology news.
Linux Outlaws
Linux podcast in the ogg vorbis and mp3 formats. Discusses Linux and open-source news, technology, and other Linux-related topics.
LinuxCrazy Podcast
Linux podcast from South Florida in ogg vorbis and mp3 formats. Addresses Linux, open-source, and various technology news.
Mp3 Linux podcast discusses the Linux Mint operating system and general Linux topics.
MythTV Cast
Podcast covers the Linux-based Myth TV PVR. PVR discussions often branch into Linux-related topics.
Novell Open Audio
Official Linux podcast of Novell Corporation. Suse, Opensuse, open-source, and general Linux news. Mp3 and ogg vorbis formats.
Open-source and Linux news in the ogg vorbis and mp3 formats. Covers a wide range of Linux topics.
Video podcast discusses Linux and open-source technologies.
Tux Radar Linux Podcast
Discusses Linux news, provides reviews of Linux and open-source software, and discusses general Linux topics.
The Ubuntu UK Podcast
Ubuntu podcast originating in the UK. Provides Ubuntu Linux news covering Ubuntu and other open-source software.
Verbal's Linux Trivia Podcast
Linux trivia podcast from Chicago, Illinois. Released in mp3 and ogg vorbis formats.
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