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IBM Mulls Linux For Its PCs
IBM may soon start packing its PCs with the open-source Linux operating system. IBM's Linux initiative has so far been limited to its servers and workstations. (December 27, 2002)
Tracking Tux: Research Round-Up
Where Linux is, and where it is going, in the enterprise sector. (December 04, 2002)
Security Fueling Open-Source Adoption
Price no longer the best reason to try OSS? (October 29, 2002)
Linux Renews Desktop Bid
Enterprises are looking again at Linux as a Windows alternative. (October 14, 2002) matches Microsoft software donation offers!
Get Linux free while supplies last. Hurry this offer only good as long as the internet lasts. (October 10, 2002) Improving the Linux vs. Microsoft Debate
Total cost of ownership improves the quality of the operating systems debate. (May 31, 2002)
IBM and Linux: the dinosaurs and the penguin
How IBM is making a comeback with Linux. The Register. (November 20, 2001)
The Register: MS moves to head off Linux desktop 'threat'
Does Redmond fear Linux is ready for prime time? (September 26, 2001)
Governments push open-source software
Concerned with costs and dependency, legislators from Brazil to China are increasingly considering open-source software. CNET. (August 29, 2001)
Why Microsoft is wary of open source
CNet discusses how Linux's popularity could hinder the software giant in its quest to gain control of a server market. (June 18, 2001)
90% Windows, 5% Mac, 5% Linux?
Register article by a Newsforge regular about the "market share" of popular Operating Systems. (June 13, 2001)
Can Mandrake raise money by being your team? article says Mandrake soft is considering an IPO. (May 30, 2001)
Linux code co-op
IBM, NEC, Fujitsu, Hitachi co-operate on corporate Linux code. From The Register. (May 30, 2001)
Can you install Linux? I think I can
Linux may be leading the open-source movement but is it the software for the people? It depends. Would you recognize a video card if it jumped off a motherboard? [CNN] (September 28, 1999)
Feds Can no Longer Ignore Linux
There may come a day when government IT managers realize the cost savings of not having to pay for an OS license for every desktop and server. [CNN] (September 24, 1999)
The Penguin, the Press, and the Marketplace
The viability of Linux as a mainstream operating system, examined from a media and marketing perspective. (February 27, 1999)
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