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Linmodems support page
A resource site for all types of win/linmodems.
Linux Winmodem Support
The "official" winmodem in Linux site. Acts as a mother site of all linmodem projects.
3Com ADSL Modem USB (3cp4218) linux & windows driver
Driver and other software to use 3Com ADSL Modem USB at Linux and Windows operating systems.
ACP Modem (Mwave) Driver for Linux
Open-source driver from IBM. Project information and software download.
Conexant AccessRunner ADSL USB modems with Linux
Support for using the ADSL USB modems based on the Conexant AccessRunner chipset with Linux. Which modems are supported, how to obtain and upload the firmware to the modem, what is needed to add the driver to the kernel, and how to establish an Internet connection.
Conexant/Rockwell modem HOWTO
Guide to using Conexant and Rockwell chipset based Software modems under Linux.
Dialup setup Faq for Redhat Linux
How to setup your dialer to connect to the internet with any Redhat Linux install.
Eci Adsl modem driver for Linux
Homepage of the development team of the HiFocus Eci Adsl Usb Modem.
Installing Motorola sm56 soft modem driver in Mandrake Linux 8.2 (i386)
Description of the changes that has to be made in the Linux kernel source to make this modem work in Mandrake 8.2.
The linmodem howto
The HOWTO for configuring all types of linmodems in Linux.
Linux Drivers for Conexant Chips
Contains Linux drivers for Conexant softmodem and controllerless chipsets.
Linux Modem-Howto
Help with selecting, connecting, configuring, trouble-shooting, and understanding modems for a PC.
Modem tuning
Modem tuning for Linux at Linux Tips and Tricks.
Using the Alcatel SpeedTouch USB ADSL modem with Red Hat 7.2 Linux
A guide on configuring the Alcatel SpeedTouch USB ADSL modem under Linux. (Distribution specific - Red Hat 7.2)

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