A thin client (sometimes also called a lean or slim client) is a client computer or client software in client-server architecture networks which depends primarily on the central server for processing activities, and mainly focuses on conveying input and output between the user and the remote server. In contrast, a thick or fat client does as much processing as possible and passes only data for communications and storage to the server.

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10ZiG Technology
Enterprise-class thin client and network appliance solutions for Linux, Windows XP and Windows CE.Net.
2X Software
Provides thin client computing software for server-based computing.
An application framework that runs from a USB flash drive, and turns its PC host and other nearby PCs into a multi-screen, web-like work environment. Full source code included.
European manufacturer of Citrix, ICA, RDP, terminal services, AS/400, telnet and Unix thin client terminals.
Boundless Technologies, Inc.
Manufacturer of text terminals and mainframe computing devices.
Brian Madden
Independent consultant and author specialising in Citrix and Terminal Services. Includes presentations, articles, forums and utilities.
Brian Madden
Citrix and Terminal Services news from a freelance consultant and author. [RSS]
Cendio AB
Developers of ThinLinc, a thin client/terminal server solution.
Chip PC
Manufacturer of unique thin client devices. Specifications, information and a list of resellers.
Citrix Systems, Inc.
Provides software for on-demand access. (Nasdaq:CTXS)
Software enabling school districts to deliver 24/7 access to instructional software and files from any computer in the school, community, or from home.
Computer Lab International (CLI)
Manufacturer of thin client devices, IBM-compatible midrange terminals and host-access terminal emulation software.
Manufacturer of thin client devices
Support site offering resources for Citrix Presentation Server, VDI, VMWare, Xen, Microsoft Terminal Services, SoftGrid and others.
Devon IT
Manufacturer of thin client and zero client devices worldwide. Website includes case studies, news and reseller information.
Founders of the Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP) in 1999, and now provide thin cient hardware, software and solutions.
Ericom Software
Specializes in enterprise-wide application access for terminal server and legacy applications. Secure access for mobile and remote workers from Windows and Linux clients
Information relating to application delivery, Citrix, Microsoft and VMware virtualization. Website features news and support forums.
Distributors of IT software that enables the use of multiple sessions on a single PC or workstation.
How to Citrix
How To, Troubleshooting, Tips, Tools and Reviews
IT Virtualization Solutions
IT solutions provider specialising in the deployment of Citrix XenApp, XenDesktop and IT virtualization for small business.
Provides web-to-host, GUI, and legacy integration for mainframe and AS/400 applications by generating Java or Visual Basic thin client solutions. (NASDAQ: JCDA)
A systems architect shares his experiences of extending Citrix and Terminal Server environments using .NET and other technologies.
Lan Core
Free and open source software to build a thin client network on a Windows operating system.
Leading Edge Technology
LAN/WAN client and server network and technology solutions for business.
Desktop virtualization and thin client software company offering solutions globally.
Network Executive Software, Inc.
Service and enhance the NETEX family of products which consist of NETEX, USER-Access, Bulk File Transfer (BFX), Print File Transfer (PFX), and Transaction Processing System (TPS).
Software solutions company offering products that record Terminal, RDP, Citrix and Secure Remote access VPN SSL sessions.
Hosted desktop and application hosting service in California.
An open source thin client solution consisting of a Linux based OS along with a Java based management GUI and server component.
OS21st is an application virtualization software product for Windows. An Adobe Flash enabled browser can connect to a Windows server running OS21st software and start a virtual session with a desktop, taskbar and the ability to launch applications.
Seal Technologies Co
Website details information about thin clients include case studies and technical information.
SoThin Ltd
Developer of thin client software that improves the management and security of terminal services. Screenshots, eval software and specifications available online.
Software for system and network administrators, covering areas such as file server migrations, client deployment and logon script management.
Client-server middleware enabling software applications to be web enabled without any changes to the application.
ThinPATH Systems, Inc.
Provider of server- and web-based computing solutions. Also has acquired the licenses to develop, sell and maintain the software products from Network Computing Devices, Inc (NCD).
Software company providing solutions to convert standard Windows PCs into terminal servers, and share single PCs amongst multiple users. Website includes demo videos, whitepapers and trial software.
Developer of thin client software that offers extra features to thin client deployments.
Blog focusing on the technical aspects of thin client deployment. Includes how-tos, walkthroughs and screenshots.
VXL Instruments
Manufacturer of desktop, mobile and integrated thin client devices. Website provides event information, news and links to purchase.
Wyse Technology
Provides services, software, and hardware for central management of IT resources.
Consultant and instructor sharing real world experience & best practices with Citrix XenApp, XenDesktop, XenServer and Virtualization in general.
XP Unlimited
A Terminal Services type program that runs on Windows and can be installed on a standard PC. It enables remote access for an unlimited number of users with scalability and low cost.
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