Web-Based Enterprise Management (WBEM) is a set of management and Internet standard technologies developed to unify the management of enterprise computing environments.

What is WBEM?

Web Based Enterprise Management is an Industry initiative to provide management of systems, networks, users and applications across multiple vendor environments. WBEM simplifies system management, providing better access to both software and hardware data that is readable by WBEM compliant applications.
WBEM has been designed to be compatible with all the major existing management protocols, including SNMP, DMI, and CMIP. WBEM is a DMTF standard. Industry standards used in the WBEM initiative include:
  • Common Information Model (CIM)
  • Common Information Model Schema
  • CIM Operations Over HTTP
  • eXtensible Markup Language (XML)

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Web-Based Enterprise Management (WBEM) Initiative
This is the main entry point for information about WBEM at the site of DMTF, the standards-organization behind WBEM. Provides pointers to information about the standards involved and other important information.
Compaq Announces Support for Web-Based Enterprise Management Standards
Describes how Compaq intends to use WBEM. Provides a white paper and some information about WBEM.
The Distributed Management Task Force, Inc. Tries to lead the development of management standards for distributed desktop, network, enterprise and Internet environments. The company that standardized WBEM. The proposed standards can be read online on the pages.
DOA: Abstract: Supervision of the CORBA Environment with SUMO: A WBEM/CIM-Based Management Framework
This paper presents the results of the SUMO R&D project led by CNES (French Space Agency) and developed by Alcatel TITN Answare and IRIT Research laboratory. This project provides an innovative approach for global and distributed management system involving object-oriented technologies such as CIM, CORBA and Java.
JSR-48: WBEM Services Specification
Java Community Process - JSRs: Java Specification Requests for the WBEM Services. JavaTM WBEM Services is a set of APIs and reference implementation for WBEM.
WBEM Solutions Inc.
Company that builds enterprise management solutions based on industry standards. Describes products and services.
Web-Based Management
Contains references pertaining to the Web-based management of networks, systems and applications.
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