Promotional marketing software - often involving multimedia and product branding.

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Abelson Communications, Inc.
Publishing software for print media and internet advertising, along with custom development services.
Software i-tool to create advertising and marketing concepts or campaigns. Useful components include sections about creating a brand, positioning a product, and brainstorming ideas.
Arial Software
Internet marketing tools that mean business: e-mail personalization and marketing tools for professionals.
DataBase Publishing Software, Inc.
Software to create and publish customized catalogs, directories, manuals and other key documents. Catalog Genie gives users the ability to design and publish target catalogs.
Flying Aces Technology
Offers turnkey and custom web applications to implement sweepstakes, contests, and incentive programs.
Interactive enterprise sales and marketing software delivering personalized, multimedia sales experiences via the Internet and laptop systems.
L. Scott Hochberg Consulting Services
Software and resources for postal bulk mail. Download free trial software. Free on-line bulk mail preparation tutorials. Postal postnet barcode font. Windows and Mac.
Longwood Software
A web service (ASP) and a software product that increases productivity and cuts costs in marketing, sales and creative departments.
Web-based tool for proposal management, writing, and storyboards, with document management, version control, RFP RFQ requirements allocation, and assignment tracking features.
A new price list management and sales quotation program to help you automate your sales force. It comes in both SQL server enterprise editions and MS-Access edition.
The Sant Corporation
Enterprise-strength tools for automatically generating proposals, sales letters, RFP responses, and sales presentations. Sant's award-winning software is available for desktop, network, and Web installations.
The Software Company
Windows based system for performing mailing list services such as name and address cleanup, parsing, and gender coding.
Third Party International
Marketing analysis and marketing/sales management for computer software and technical companies. Offers clients access to an experienced staff to design, implement and manage short and long term marketing/sales activities.
Trilobyte Micro - MacDB2000
Software application for sales of used or surplus machinery and equipment.
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