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Software for supply chain management in manufacturing.

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American Software, Inc.
Automation for planning and operational functions in ERP, supply chain management, flow manufacturing, warehouse management, and transportation operaWindows NT, AS/400, and UNIX environments.
Manufacturing and inventory control system is an integrated, multi-module software solution for manufacturing companies.
Asprova Corporation
Scheduling software for manufacturing, used in 500 factories worldwide. High-speed scheduling with Gantt chart for inventory reduction and increased productivity.
Birchstreet Systems, Inc.
Provides procurement and supply chain management software to the hospitality industry.
Open source ERP and CRM solution for the small to medium sized enterprises.
Connect 4 Business
E-commerce system lets manufacturers communicate with dealer networks. Warranty registrations, filing claims, parts ordering, how-to guides, procedures, other informational databases.
Decision Associates, Inc.
Inventory management solutions
Warehouse, distribution and inventory control solutions
Offers Web-based transaction, collaboration, data mining, analytics, and supplier performance management products to manufacturers, distributors, and their direct materials suppliers.
HighJump Software Inc.
Provides supply chain execution software, and warehouse management and bar code data collection systems interfaced to SAP, PeopleSoft, and MAPICS.
ICAPS Millennium Software Systems
Modular production management software aimed at small to medium sized firms. UK based.
Inventory Interface
Modules for inventory management, bill of materials, work orders, sales/order processing, accounts receivable, accounts payable, request for quotes and purchase orders.
Job Time Systems, Inc
Finite capacity scheduling software helps manufacturers predict current and future order status more accurately. Also supports advanced planning and scheduling and supply chain management systems.
Logility Inc.
Offers supply chain management software and collaborative supply chain software solutions, including logistics operations and warehouse management.
Provides comprehensive supply chain software solutions (WMS, TMS, POD, Visibility) to help distributors and 3PL's leverage their logistic operations with leading technology at a reasonable cost.
Manhattan Associates
Business process and supply chain solutions.
Provider of Enterprise Profit Optimization (EPO) solutions, which simultaneously optimize a company's supply- and demand-side functions.
Microperfect Corporation
Helps manufacturers process receivables, invoices, sales history, order entry, shipping, inventory, assets, payables, petty cash, purchasing, payroll, more
Paper Soft
Develops, installs, and supports application software for paper converters, merchants, and brokers.
Prism Software
Solution for independent footwear and apparel retailers with inventory control, purchasing and receiving, customer history, bar-coding, accounts receivable, barcode printers, barcode wands, P/L reports, ROI reports.
Learn how to build advanced finite production scheduling systems using Excel spreadsheets, interfaces to your ERP/MRP system.
Specializes in warehouse management, transport management and supply chain management software.
Rockysoft Corporation
Provide inventory management software for industries including retail, medical, food and beverage and apparel manufacturers.
Suilven Associates
Offer development and implementation of software solutions, including scheduling tools and management training software, for the supply chain in large, medium and small organisations.
SupplyWorks, Inc.
Partners with supply chain manufacturing companies to turn procurement into a strategic activity, by automating purchasing and total supply management (TSM) over the Internet.
Symmetrix Consulting
Caters to the diverse technological needs of the distribution industry, providing solutions including products, services, and training.
Software and services that enable the integration of e-business networks and synchronization of supply webs.
Waterloo Manufacturing Software
TACTIC advanced planning and scheduling software. Attaches to ERP/MRP II or operates stand-alone for order promising and capacity management.

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