Software for industrial process optimization and control.

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Advance Solution International
Software for scales and associated equipment in process manufacturing.
Aspen Technology, Inc.
Enterprise optimization software and services include integrated supply chain management solutions. For the design, operation, management of manufacturing facilities including chemicals, petrochemicals and polymers.
Automsoft International
Develops RAPID Historian, automation software for the processing, manufacturing, utility industries.
CB Automation
Canadian Supplier of software for industrial processes.
Control Station
Process control software for analysis, tuning and training.
ControlDraw provide tools for the design, specification and documentation of Process Control Systems.
ControlSoft Inc.
Process control solutions: PID loop tuning software, process control systems (PC-based), and process control projects using model-based predictive control technologies.
Corte Certo
Software for layout optimization of rectangular parts on sheets, panels, rolls.
Process and factory simulation software. Model any process based environment within a Windows interface.
Length cutting optimization software. Enables manufacturers to maximise usable material from area of material supplied.
Simulation software for calculation and optimisation of potential, current density, deposit thickness distributions in electrochemical reactors. Windows-based.
A software package for simulation of a semiconductor fabrication facility is presented.
Programmable logic control for drives, sensors, valves, vacuum technology and electrical control technology.
Flowmation Systems
Software for Wineries, Vineyards, and Breweries.
Fraysen Systems
Software to collect, analyze and present process performance data.
Galaxy Semiconductor
Software for the semiconductor industry that enables yield analysis and process improvement.
GE Fanuc Automation
Industrial automation and process control solutions. FANUC brand programmable logic control.
Genex Interactive
Customised EPR software for the manufacturing industries.
HACCP Now software
HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) software to reduce the time and cost of implementing HACCP.
Java based applications and database applications for microelectronics and manufacturing.
Web-enabled manufacturing intelligence and business visualization software.
ILS Automation
Software for process monitoring and control of batch processes in the pharmaceutical, fermentation and specialty chemical industries.
Procedures rendered as flowchart and success-logic trees. Process parameters updated. Explanation and download is possible.
Ingenious Inc
Software for production planning and scheduling, training simulation and engineering services.
Design and manufacture scada software and PLCs.
KnowledgeScape Systems
Real-time optimization system learns the process dynamics and adjusts process setpoint, optimizing a single procedure or an entire enterprise.
Lanner Group
Embedded business simulation for resource scheduling, supply chain logistics and business process improvement.
MAST Factory Simulation Software
Software tool for design, evaluation and costing of production cells.
A software and services company that use proprietary and third party software tools to optimise plant performance and extract value from plant data.
MSC Software
Simulation software to integrate concept development, design, testing and production.
Northwest Analytics
Software for SPC (statistical process control) and SQC (statistical quality control) analysis and charting, plant floor and test-station data collection, and web-based SPC reporting.
Novatek International Inc.
Stability program software application manages the day to day activities of stability department in pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical, microbiological, and contract labs.
Parity Corporation
Integrated business information system and consulting services designed specifically for the food industry in North America.
Pavilion Technologies
Providers of neural network based modeling software for the high level optimal control of manufacturing processes.
Software for welding measurement and documentation.
PC & Associates
Authorized Reseller of BatchMasterPFW software for the process manufacturing industries.
Prediktor AS
Delivers process optimization solutions, production track and trace solutions and web reporting.
Designed for chemical, food and other process manufacturers that make and package formula batches. For Windows.
Scheduling and simulation system determines maximum plant production rates consistent with constraints. Suitable for processes where intermediate stocks and storages are significant, and processes compete for resources.
Propack Data
Software for Enterprise Production Management
QMC Technical Web
Multi-strategy program maintains a process at optimum conditions. Monitors equipment, sensors, control applications. Identifies the root cause of instabilities. An engineer's desktop environment. Based on Windows 95/98/NT.
Real Time eXecutives
Supplier of plant information (PI), plant information networking (PIN), and plant information management (PIM) systems. Improves utilisation of process and manufacturing data.
Resource Engineering Inc.
Self-paced computer based quality-related training programs. Topics include SPC (statistical proces control), FMEA (failure mode and effects analysis), gage (dimensional metrology) and mistake-proofing (using poka yoke techniques).
Rockwell Automation
Integrated systems for process manufacturing. Brands include Allen-Bradley, Reliance Electric and Rockwell Software.
Ross Systems Inc.
Software for process manufacturers that spans the entire enterprise, from ERP and SCM to CRM, performance management and compliance.
SmartSignal Corporation
Equipment conditioning monitoring (eCM) software provides early warning of impending faults with equipment and systems.
SPC for Excel
Provider of statistical process control (SPC) software, consulting and training materials.
Desktop statistics software package. Can be integrated enterprise-wide and world-wide via the Internet.
Steel Fabrication Software
Software for development of patterns used to mark steel pipe in readiness for hand oxy cutting.
Stochos Inc.
Computer software firm specializing in statistical process control (SPC) software for manufacturing environments.
Provider of data collection hardware, software and systems for realtime production and process monitoring
Polymer technology, extrusion and software designed for material analyses and development work.
Total Yield and kNowledge Engineering Systems Corporation
Provides Yield Enhancement, Advanced Process Control (APC), Knowledge Management (KM) and Engineering Data Analysis (EDA) software solutions to the Semiconductor Fab, Fabless and LCD industries.
Software for the performance of material flow analyses and life cycle assessments.
Production control system for batch production.
Vinsight Winery Software
Winery management software that offers cellar management, wine processing, bulk wine management, order and invoicing tools for small to medium sized wineries.
VT Enterprises
Data solutions for manufacturing, from custom database constructions to GUI's and sophisticated reporting packages.
Integrated software to link sensors (PLCs) to enterprise (ERP) software.
Automation software and systems for the semiconductor and flat panel manufacturing industry. Station controller for wafer and package test.
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