This category is for anti-spam programs that operate on mail servers. The difference between an anti-spam program running on a mail server and an anti-spam program operating on a mail client is that the filter running on the server can remove spam from everyone's mailbox at the same time, instead of from just one user's mailbox. Server-level programs are installed by a systems administrator, and individual users do not need to maintain them. Spam filters for a specific mail server (for example, writing filters for sendmail) are listed in the category devoted to that mail server. This category contains standalone software (and hardware) designed for spam filtering.

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Barracuda Networks Spam Firewall
Handles over 10 million messages a day, without bogging down your email servers. [Hardware]
CleanMail Server
Protects Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino/Notes, IMail and any other Windows or UNIX mail server against all kinds of spam, virus and phishing attacks.
Corvigo, Inc.
Intent based filtering technology. Simply better e-mail. You plug it in, and all that junk email just goes away. [Hardware]
Declude JunkMail
Advanced spam control using many different tests with a variety of possible actions to take on spam. [Windows]
Edgewave: ePrism
An email filter and spam filtering appliance that provides organizations with a total secure email perimeter defense solution. [Hardware]
ESCOM Corporation
The Active SMTP Appliance is a hardware appliance that dynamically filters and quarantines junk e-mail before it gets to the mail server. [Hardware]
A Java program using a Chi Square algorithm to detect spam. It is best suited to developers wishing to integrate anti-spam services into an existing server based java E-mail application, but can be used for client applications. [Java]
SMTP level spam blocking for various servers.
Eliminates false positives by using a new technique using subdomains in E-mail addresses. [Windows]
MailFoundry Antispam Appliance
A very effective anti-spam appliance. MailFoundry creates a spam firewall for effectively stopping spam. [hardware]
An SMTP-level spam filter with antivirus capability for Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris. [Unix]
Mail server plug-in that adds anti-virus scanning and anti-spam filtering capabilities.
Spam control using Blacklists, mark spam by modifying subject, anti relay possibilities. [Windows]
E-mail gateway software that makes it easy for senders to adopt the latest authentication specifications and comply with policies for accountable outbound e-mail delivery.
RBL Spam Daemon
A small, fast, open-source spam filter. Designed to work with or replace SpamAssassin. Uses DNSBL lookups to discriminate spam. [Unix]
Roaring Penguin Software
Develops anti-spam and email archiving / email continuity software.
Spam killer software. It blocks spam before it is even delivered to your mail server. [Windows]
Spam Sleuth Enterprise
Anti-spam software that filters spam, viruses, web bugs, and phishing scams. Eliminates unwanted junk e-mail from corporate servers. [Windows]
Anti-spam software that acts as a proxy to existing SMTP servers. Filters E-mail based on DNS blacklists and individual filters such as keywords, IP, From address. [Unix,Windows]
Tethernet, Inc.
Tethernet TetherFilter is an easy to deploy, affordable anti-spam and anti-virus appliance that can be used in front of any existing Internet email server. [Hardware]
trimMail Inbox
Appliance filters mail coming into your network for spam and dangerous content. [Hardware]
Makers of modusGate and modusMail secure email solutions for businesses and service providers. Products, services and client list.
White List Email (WLE)
Challenge/response system. Multi-platform filtering free software written on Python. WLE requires a confirmation from unknown senders before delivering their mail in your mailbox. [Unix]
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