Address Management is the process of maintaining and editing Domain Name Service (DNS) configurations. DNS ties text-based domain names to the numeric IP Addresses that are necessary to locate the domain's server on the net. Address Management solutions become necessary when:
  • An administrator needs to maintain many domain names.
  • An administrator needs to assign and track separate names for many machines within one domain.
  • A domain name changes IP address frequently, requiring Dynamic DNS (DDNS). This is most commonly used by individuals who connect their server to the internet using a modem.

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Finds reserved, on-hold and available variations of domain names. Detailed list of features, free trial version, FAQ. [Windows]
Cisco: Network Registrar
A scalable DNS server. Free trial version, FAQ, technical documentation. [Windows]
Domain Name System tools, links, and tips. [Unix]
Efficient IP
DNS and DHCP management products and solutions.
GnuDIP Dynamic DNS
Implements a Dynamic IP DNS service, provides client machines with a static DNS name even if their IP address is dynamically assigned.
Internet Software Consortium
Non-profit corporation dedicated to developing and maintaining production quality open source reference implementations of core Internet protocols. BIND is available here for free.
The developer's site for the Berkeley Internet Name Daemon at the Internet Software Consortium.
A pure java DNS client implementation. It consists of a library and utilities for looking up the Internet domain names. The utilities are also able to fetch an entire domain zone and save it in the standard DNS zone file format.
Life with djbdns
Examples and howtos for djbdns.
Linux NIS(YP) Server and Tools
The Network Information Service (NIS) provides a simple network lookup service consisting of databases and processes. It was formerly known as Sun Yellow Pages (YP).
A public-domain, open source Domain Name Server which offers both authoritative and caching features. Its main goals are security and simplicity.
Men and Mice
Provider of integrated DNS, DHCP and IP address management solutions. Site includes details of products, and the support, training and consulting services available.
Microsoft: Windows 2000 Server
Documentation and support for this product. Service packs and updates available.
Dynamic DNS server suite, supports static DNS, too.
A free DNS server for Unix that serves records directly from a MySQL database.
PowerDNS on Rails
Ruby on Rails based web application for managing PowerDNS databases, through the PowerDNS generic MySQL/PostgreSQL backend.
Offers a suite of DNS products: name server, DNS caching, DNSSEC key management and zone signing, server management.
Simple DNS Plus
Free trial version, screenshots, client testimonials, FAQ, tutorials. Also provides a Web-based DNS lookup tool.[Windows]
A validating, recursive, and caching DNS server software product distributed in open source form under the BSD license. [Unix]

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