Chrome is an open-source web browser from Google. It uses the same rendering engine as Apple's Safari.

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Google Chrome
A browser that combines a minimal design with new technology designed to improve the user experience. Includes download and documentation.
After the Deadline
Chrome extension to check spelling, style, and grammar.
Check My Links
A Google Chrome extension which searches for broken links at the current site being viewed.
Chrome Blog
Google's official blog for Chrome announcements.
Chrome Experiments
Google showcase to demonstrate interesting JavaScript hacks running in Chrome.
Chrome Extensions
Directory of extensions developed for Chrome ranked by popularity and date.
Chrome Plugins
Blog with coverage of plugins, themes, add-ons and updates for Google Chrome.
Chrome Story
A source for news, reviews, features, help articles, and tutorials on Chrome.
Chrome Themes
Gallery of themes ranked according to popularity and number of downloads.
Discussion forums for users and developers of Google Chrome.
The open-source project providing the code for Google Chrome. Includes documentation, developer information, bug reports, and source code download. [BSD License]
Chromium Blog
Blog published by Google's Chrome development team.
Feed reader for Google Chrome. Follow Atom/ RSS/ RDF based blogs, news and Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages.
Google Chrome Comic
A webcomic seeking to provide information on the browser's features.
Google Chrome Extensions
Collection of extensions developed for Chrome.
Google Chrome on Google+
Official Google+ page for the web browser announcing Chrome extensions, experiments, webinars and new developments
Google Chrome Releases
Official blog to track new releases of the browser.
Google Chrome Releases
Official announcements and release notes for the Google Chrome browser. [Atom]
Google Translate
Highlight or right-click on a section of text or an entire page to translate it to your language. Chrome extension using the Google translator.
Grab Any Media
Official site of an extension to download video, audio and streaming media.
My Chrome Addons
A repository of Google Chrome add-ons, tools, and themes.
Project Naptha
Browser extension to literally highlight, copy, and translate text from any image.
ToggleCase Text Transformer
Chrome extension to change/ edit text into upper case, lower case, sentence case or capitalize each word.
Extension that allows a user to create a Web ARChive (WARC) file from any browseable webpage. The resulting files can then be used with other tools like the Internet Archive's open source Wayback Machine.
Wikipedia: Google Chrome
Encyclopedia article about the browser, with details of the design, history, and reactions.
Google Chrome Accessibility
Article by Steve Faulkner on the Paciello Group's blog, describing accessibility features and issues with the beta version of Google's browser. (September 03, 2008)
Matt Cutts: Answers to common Google Chrome Objections
The leader of Google's webspam team posts his personal response to some of the issues that people have raised. (September 02, 2008)
Google Blog: A Fresh Take on the Browser
Official announcement covering the launch of the web browser. (September 01, 2008)

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