Extensions are small add-ons that add new functionality to Firefox. They can add anything from a toolbar button to a completely new feature. They allow the browser to be customized to fit the personal needs of each user if they need additional features, while keeping Firefox small to download.

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Add-ons for Firefox
Official add-ons repository from Mozilla organized by category. Includes themes, plugins and search tools.
Adblock Plus
Blocks advertising, banners and other unwanted stuff on websites.
Add-on Reviews
Provides useful insight on Firefox addons, widgets, and plugins.
All-In-One Sidebar
Helps view dialog windows such as downloads, extensions, and view source or websites in the sidebar.
Allows users to customize the browser's appearance on the fly.
Arantius - TinyMenu
It merges selected menus for the main menubar into a single menu.
It can open and preview archive files on-line ( RAR, ZIP and ISO CD image ) fetching the necessary portions without downloading the whole file.
Transfers text to the clipboard as soon as it's highlighted.
Universal WYSIWYG editor for Firefox, allows edit textareas in those languages: XHTML/CSS, BBCode, Mediawiki, HTML and XBBCode.
iMacros scripts, bot and macros for Firefox.
Adds right-click access to Blogger's BlogThis popup.
Opens images from many different sources (webpage images, files, clipboard, screenshots), lets you change them with an image editor and push it to many different places (files, clipboard, file inputs).
A simple, straightforward Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client.
Saves and manages frequently-entered text for later pasting into forms and input fields.
Enables maintaining different cookies storage in different tabs and windows.
Maintain multiple cookie profiles and switch between them on the fly.
Copy Link Text (CoLT)
Makes it easy to copy a hyperlink’s associated text and paste it in several different formats, including user defined formats.
Copy URL +
Copy to the clipboard the current document's address with additional information.
Cosmic Cat
A set of extensions for title and statusbar modification, and one to show the browser session duration.
Adds icons to the most menu-items in pop-ups and menus.
Deepest Sender
Post to LiveJournal (and LiveJournal based sites) directly from Firefox.
This extension adds desktop shortcut creation to the context-menu. Both Windows and Linux (KDE/GNOME) desktop shortcuts are supported.
Performance and network tweaks for Firefox.
Gives you access to the extensive music library on Last.fm
Allows users to encode videos in ogg and webm formats and upload them to compatible sites. Includes documentation and a list of sites supporting this extension.
A free, secure, cross-platform FTP client.
A Firefox browser extension for WYSIWYG MathML editing. Site includes installation instructions, usage examples, FAQ, a discussion forum and links to resources.
Makes it possible to take screenshots of entire webpages. Includes editing and annotation tools. The basic version is free.
Combines address bar and progress bar, like Safari.
Blocks all Flash content in a web page from loading automatically and allows selective activation and whitelisting of sites.
Enables replacing text fragments in web pages by defining a substitution list. Substitutions can be applied all at once or individually.
Alerts users about the web bugs, ad networks and widgets on visited web pages. News, screenshots and download.
Grocery List Generator
Automatically adds ingredients to your grocery list and shares recipes with the world.
Hattrick Livefox
Lets you watch live games of the Hattrick online football game.
Health On the Net (HON)
A collection of Firefox plugins to support the Health On the Net foundation.
Monitors and analyses all incoming and outgoing HTTP traffic between the browser and the web servers.
Add-on for the open source microblogging service Identi.ca. Shows latest dents and allows for quick denting.
Shows single images centered in the window, against a neutral gray background, with zooming options.
Extension for Mozilla Firefox for form filling in semi-automatic mode.
Provides a content summary of a webpage when hovering over a link. Including statistics, metadata, sizes and other relevant information.
Adds free, secure and easy to use password management features to Firefox by connecting Firefox to KeePass Password Safe.
Latest Version Plugin
The site provides details on Firefox plugins, listing the version, details on what they do and download links.
Adds various functions for handling HTTP Headers.
Puts emphasis on the domain and decodes URLs for better readability.
Mafiaa Fire
Created as a response to the controversial seizures of domain names by the Department of Homeland Security, this addon redirects seized domains to their new locations. Allows site owners to register their sites and contains a FAQ with background information on the issues.
Enables mailto links to be directed to webmail applications for email composition.
Menu Editor
Allows you to customize the menus in Firefox and Thunderbird.
Menu Manipulator
Allows you to move, edit, or create new <menu>, <menuitem>, and <menuseparator> elements within a <menubar>, <popup>, or the <tabbrowser>s context menu.
Mouse Gestures - Optimoz
Execute commands without using the keyboard, menus or toolbars. Instead, the user holds down a mouse button (usually the right one), moves the mouse in a certain way to form a gesture, then releases the mouse button.
Allows Firefox to log in to a website with multiple accounts simultaneously.
Blocks all scripts on a page unless it is from a site whitelisted by the user.
The Overbite Project
Replaces and enhances Firefox's gopher support with a customizable interface and improved protocol support.
Allows the user to monitor a webpage for updates and track changes.
A simple, accessible GUI that allows the modification of any preference set within the browser environment.
PsicoTSI Tool
Tool for the on-line game Hattrick. Predicts skill sub-levels using TSI.
Controls HTTP referrers on a per receiving site basis.
Allows users to load pages with a modified referrer.
Automatically reloads a web page every so many seconds or minutes.
Router Status
Allows to control and view the status of routers. Also blocks Internet sites from accessing to the Intranet. Discontinued.
Send Tab URLs
Emails the URIs of all browser tabs.
Server Spy
Displays the brand of web servers in the status-bar.
Show and query the current IP Address in the statusbar.
Site Launcher
Quickly open often used websites using hotkeys.
A Smart way to find a word in a page, by searching for the most similar word.
Smiley Xtra
Insert smilies from an online database into forum posts, and weblogs.
Lets insert tab characters in multi-line text input fields.
Text Formatting Toolbar
Allows easy formatting of posts on forums, weblog comments and wikis.
Update Notifier
Notifies you when updates are available for installed extensions and themes. Quick access availability checking.
User Agent Switcher
Adds a menu to switch the user agent of the browser.
Runs JavaScript like an extension without building a new one.
UserStyles : Stylish
Allow users to create and share custom styles for websites and user interface of Mozilla applications. Includes a collection of customized user styles and a forum.
Web Panel Enhancer
Add a contextual items related to webpanels and other panel functions.
WebMail Notifier
Checks your webmail accounts and notifies you the number of unread emails. With userscripts for different services.
Wikipedia Toolbar
The Wikipedia extension makes editing of Wikipedia pages easier by adding a new toolbar.
Simulates WAP browsing by viewing WML (Wireless Markup Language) pages in Mozilla Suite, SeaMonkey or Firefox.
Indicates whether site is untrustworthy for the WOT community.
Allows render HTML content with the mime-type of application/vnd.wap.xhtml+xml.
Xrl.in Tiny Links
Adds a small button to the URL bar, that let's you copy/paste or e-mail a short URL for the page you are visiting.
Allows blacklist JavaScript from defined domains.
Firefox extension to aid the collection, management, and use of research sources. Details of features, project news, discussion forums, and download.

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