News clients which run ONLY on one of the Windows operating systems.

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Freeware binary newsreader featuring built-in image and video viewer, auto-unrar/unzip, auto-repair using PAR2 files, UUencode and yEnc decoding and support for NZB files.
alt.usenet.offline-reader.forte-agent FAQ
Unofficial FAQ v1.6 for users of Forte, Inc.'s newsreaders, Agent and Free Agent. Covers where to get the software and support, features, and technical assistance.
Apicviewer Freeware
Windows freeware. Search for and download your favorites pictures, movies, and music from usenet. Avoids redundant searching and duplicate downloading. Includes pictures viewer, automatic multi-part reconstruction, e-mail sender.
Automated Usenet picture receiver for Windows. Free version is full featured, but has ads. Registered version does not. Many filtering and sorting options. Anti-spam features.
Binary Boy
Windows newsgroup downloader that finds binary files matching search criteria. Scheduler for unattended downloads. Commercial software; limited demo available.
BinTube Media Player Newsreader
A Newsreader for Windows 98 and up that streams multimedia files and images from Usenet. NZB, PAR and RAR enabled. Requires a license after the free trial.
Forte, Inc.
Agent and Free Agent are commercial and freeware newsreaders for 16-bit or 32-bit Windows systems. Both offer off-line reading and handle binary attachments. Agent offers advanced filtering options and integrated e-mail support.
Freeware NZB capable newsgrabber. Automatically handles repairing and extracting of downloaded files. For Windows XP and above.
Open source newsreader for Windows with rules-based filtering. Automatically downloads, decodes, and views images and allows offline reading. Kill file and multiple server support.
News File Grabber
An nzb capable news client for binary newsgroups. This software is shareware with a limited free trial. For Windows 98 and above.
News Rover
Newsreader with built-in search capabilities for messages and binary file attachments. It has "Autoscan" mode, for unattended scanning and downloading. A module that allows messages to be downloaded to Palm Pilot PDA's is also available.
NewsBin Pro
Usenet robot for Windows that automatically searches for and downloads binary files. Detects duplicates and avoids downloading them. Includes a viewer for graphics files.
An open source, binaries only news reader with support for multiple servers and all popular encoding formats but not for NZB files. For Windows 95 and above.
Newsgroup Commander
Newsreader that searches newsgroups using multiple include or exclude keyword filters based on article contents and subjects. Freeware.
Newsgroup Explorer
News reader program which simplifies complex searches in Usenet archives.
NZB capable newsgrabber with multiserver support. Free trial version available. For Windows 98 and above.
Lets you scan, combine, and download files from selected Usenet newsgroups.
Windows newsreader for downloading large binary files. Automatic restart and resume batch download. Finds article matching user criteria. Handles file decoding.
NewsXpress FAQ Version 2
Download links and documentation to freeware Windows newsreader.
Nzb Newsreader
Newsreader for Windows for downloading of binary articles with attachments from Usenet network.
NZB-O-Matic Plus
Presents this version released by a new developer who corrected some bugs and added new features, also includes a detailed change log.
NZBPlayer streams video from Usenet. It allows to begin to watch videos before their download is complete and keeps the files for future use once they're downloaded. Freeware.
OUI: Off-line Usenet Interface
Supports multiple e-mail accounts and newsgroups, even on different servers. Also, killfiles, spam filtering, auto-download of selected messages and seamless threading. For Windows.
Tom's Gravity Pages
An unofficial user's site, includes FAQs, help files, tutorials and other information about Gravity newsreader.
Usenet Explorer
Combined binary and text capable newsreader with integrated search service. Requires registration after the free trial period.
Usenet client with built in search engine.
WinVN Newsreader
Visual Newsreader for Windows, including Windows 3.1. Can select, view, write, sort and print articles. Articles can be saved locally, copied to the clipboard or forwarded via e-mail. Public domain software, source code available.
Open source tool specialized in posting files to binary newsgroups, based on PowerPost 2000. Uses the yEnc encoding format.
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