Gnutella is a peer-to-peer network. Gnutella allows you to easily share or search for files such as audio, video and programs.
Open source Gnutella client for Mac OS X, written in Cocoa and based on LimeWire, Acquisition and Cabos.
Beacon Cache
An open-source web cache written in PHP that implements the Gnutella Web Cache 1 and 2 specifications. Built with configurability in mind, it can be adapted to work with other networks.
Offers an open source client for the Gnutella and Gnutella 2 networks but also GnucDNA, a component for building P2P applications, GWebCache, a web caching system and GnucNS, built to study the performance of decentralized networks.
Gnutella Forums
A message board covering LimeWire, Shareaza, Phex, and the Gnutella Network in general.
Gnutella Protocol FAQ
Rick Osborne's thoughts and ideas about the workings of the Gnutella protocol.
Gnutella Scalability
A research paper proposing that Gnutella scaling problems may be reduced by caching based on an analysis of query popularity.
GPU, a Global Processing Unit
GPU is an Open Source Gnutella/Pastella client that allows users to share CPU-resources on a truly P2P based cluster. Applications include a Landscape Generator able to generate movies and an experimental Distributed Search Engine. The client is under development.
Cross-platform client for Gnutella released under GNU Public License.
Open source, terminal-mode Gnutella client for Unix systems. No longer being actively developed.
Network Auralization for Gnutella
Open source application for Mac OS X and Windows which turns the process of searching for and downloading MP3 files into a chaotic musical collage by remixing these audio files in real time based on the structure of the Gnutella network itself.
Gnutella client with features such as resumable downloads and long term file search.
An open source Gnutella client for Linux based on the Qt library.
Quack Gnutella Server
Homepage for the quack gnutella server. Quack is a gnutella server that allows the use of index files for searches, instead of just filenames.
Why Gnutella Can't Scale
A mathematical analysis by one of the original developers of Napster detailing why the initial Gnutella protocol would never be able to scale. Since the protocol has been enhanced since then and now uses ultrapeers, this text is of historical interest only.
Continuation of the original LimeWire open source project. Offers packages for various platforms.
Net Film Firm Taps Gnutella For Video Sales
Article from about's plans to sell videos on the Gnutella network. (June 14, 2000)
Napster-like Technology Takes Web Search to New Level
Article from about a prototype of new search technology developed by Gnutella developers which uses the GnutellaNet. (May 31, 2000)
O'Reilly Network Gnutella Articles
The complete collection of the O'Reilly Network technical articles on Gnutella and related links. (May 12, 2000)
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