Software packages catering to the life insurance industry.

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Describes the xpertBridge automation software for insurance and investment products, including full underwriting and compliance validation. Offices in Europe and USA.
Assyst Software and Consultancy
Client-Assyst is a client database, back office software package for insurance professionals. Firm is also a consultancy.
Offers term comparison software for agents and agencies in the USA. Runs on Microsoft Windows computers. Site provides overview of the software and a 30-day demo download.
Compulife Software, Inc.
Produces term comparison software for agents and agencies in the Canadian and US markets.
Cooperative Technologies, Inc.
Custom software development, re-engineering, and consulting company located in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.
Offers web-enabled system designed to provide custom term life and annuity quotes as well as comparison of rates from numerous carriers in the USA.
Cygnus Software
Offers IncomeMax, a goal-driven needs analysis and retirement planning sales tool.
Database Solutions, Ltd.
Developers of Agent Intelligence, an online customer relationship management and administration system for life agents and agencies.
Dot.Cy Developments Ltd.
Developer of life insurance quotation software and customer relationship management systems. Located in Cyprus; serves international market.
A European company specialising in delivering software and consulting services to life insurance and pensions companies. Its core product is Life Office.
Exaxe Limited
Irish firm offers solutions for new and existing business including illustration documentation systems for the life assurance industry. Also an IT consultancy.
Illustrate Inc.
Specializes in policy illustration solutions to help simplify the sales process involving life insurance companies, agents and consumers.
Lean Apps
Presents and demonstrates component based software solutions for life insurance companies, intermediaries and pension funds. [Dutch, English]
Produces multiple-company life insurance research, comparison, and information software. Compares Canadian term, universal life, and whole life products.
LifeLink Corporation
Offers life insurance sales software including multi-carrier advanced sales illustrations, carrier financial reports, and comparisons for long term care, universal life, and term products.
Provides products and services that provide full third party administration for life insurance companies.
Liss Systems, Ltd.
Life assurance and pensions management/administration systems for the financial services industry in Europe and Asia.
McCamish Systems
Provides Variable Products Administration System for administration of life insurance policies. Offers product information., Inc.
ASP providing medical record retrieval services to life insurance carriers and law firms. Available throughout the USA.
O&M Systems
Software for the UK financial services industry including Pensions Profiler (best advice system) and Transvas Profiler (final salary transfer analysis).
Prophet Modelling Suite
Providers of actuarial modelling software for financial services companies worldwide. Offers product information and technical support.
TCP LifeSystems
Provider of insurance technology solutions to the financial services sector in Europe. Products include Callisto for quotations and Copernicus for life insurance administration.
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