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Time keeping systems are time management tools for tracking time, primarily for payroll purposes. Time keeping solutions run the gamut from old-fashioned punch (timesheet) clocks dating back 50 years to the latest in biometrics (fingerprint & retinal scan technology) and, growing most rapidly in popularity, web based time tracking software. The new, web-based systems allow you to use ONE system to track time not only for payroll purposes, but also for billing and for project / performance management. Multiple market trends such as 1) outsourcing, 2) telecommuting, 3) a shift toward a "knowledge-worker" organization and 4) SEC & IRS regulations (tech professionals only) are combining to drive rapid growth in this space.

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About Time Technologies
The About Time Pro portable Time and Attendance system is built for the remote worker based company where wired systems are not practical, and where environmental elements and durability are crucial to the design and functionality of the system.
Acumen Data Systems, Inc.
Provider of employee time and attendance systems and software, as well as other business automation software.
Advanced Time Management, Inc
offering automated time and attendance and basic access control solutions
Asure Software
Time management software specializing labor tracking, biometrics, and timeclocks.
Telephone time clock designed for off-site hourly employees. Employees dial to clock in and out. View time cards via a web browser.
Computime Systems
Time and Attendance Pro6 - A simple to use windows based time and attendance management software package. Includes compatibility with hardware access control systems. - UK Company.
Data Management, Inc.
Offers TimeClock Plus, which enables management to collect and report data in real time, up to the second, at any time of day
Provides critical information and the flexibility needed to accurately monitor labor costs and productivity.
Express Time
Reliable automated timekeeping software for the janitorial industry. Includes scheduling, telephone timekeeping and management reporting.
Fake Brains
Offers TimeScout, a networkable, three piece windows software package designed to replace the costs of time cards and time clocks with desktop punch in and out.
Huntington Business Systems, Inc.
A provider of time and attendance solutions for organizations of all sizes.
Integrated systems designed to automate time and attendance, labor distribution, human resources, scheduling, job costing and shop floor data collection.
InfoTronics, Inc.
Provides easily deployed time and attendance solutions. Attendance Enterprise manages labor data — calculating pay rules, scheduling employees, budgeting labor, automating benefit accrual, tracking attendance-based merit points.
WebClock - performs time and attendance, rich management reporting, payroll exports, advanced administrative functions and job costing.
Jantek Electronics
Manufacturer of time and attendance management, job costing, and access control systems.
Kaba Workforce Solutions, Inc.
Provider of enterprise workforce management solutions including time and attendance, data collection, employee self service, and workforce scheduling.
Offers a suite of time and attendance solutions including web based, client-server, and IBM iSeries based, as well as a complete workforce management system.
Labor Time Tracker
Offers telephone and internet based employee time tracking for payroll and job costing.
Mark Information
Offers a suite of applications for planning and managing employee time and attendance, job and roster planning and shop floor data collection. Integration to ERP and payroll systems.
Specialists in Employee Time Management solutions with a range of data capture options including wall mounted clocking terminals, USB biometric units, and online timesheets and mobile applications.
NOVAtime Technology, Inc.
Provides a complete line of time and attendance / workforce management solutions for companies with 10 - 100,000 employees.
P&Q International
QTAR is a time and attendance system used by large organisations around the world since 1984.
Provides time and attendance solutions, time clocks, web based services and SaaS.
Qqest Software Systems
TimeForce time and attendance systems for business. Many time clock options including wireless, bar code, swipe card, and biometric systems. Optional integrated HR and payroll solutions.
Redcort Software
Virtual TimeClock is a software replacement for mechanical employee time clocks. It provides instant access to worker, departmental, and job related hours, overtime and wages.
SMART Human Logistics Plc.
Offers web-based software solutions for workforce management. Combines time and attendance, staff scheduling and absence management to ensure reduced absence, accurate payroll and improved staff retention. Includes employee self-service and flexible working. Company based in Spain.
Software solutions for time and attendance, project tracking, and workforce scheduling solutions for the industry sectors.
Spectrum Research, Inc.
Offers Spectrum TimeClock, a web-based employee time clock solution that runs in many types of devices. It supports complex pay rules, overtime calculations, and biometric options.
Spica International
Spica International produces Time, Attendance and Access Control systems
Online electronic time and attendance solution for all businesses large and small which combines the convenience of online access with the familiarity of a conventional wall-mounted time clock.
Tensor plc
Provides smart card and biometric based time and attendance and access control systems.
Time Gathering Systems
Provides time and attendance software for IBM platforms.
Time Link International Corp.
Their time and attendance solution is intended to simplify the management of a company's workforce.
Time Point, Ltd.
time and attendance, clocking, data recording, access control. - UK Firm
TimeCentre, Inc.
Time, attendance, and workforce management solutions.
TimeRewards Software, Inc.
Offers EZTime, a time and billing solution by AnXdea.
Timesheets MTS Software
Offers Time Clock MTS, a Windows based time clock software package for small businesses. Australian Firm.
TimeTrak Systems, Inc.
Developer of the TimeTrak time and labor management suite of products, including time and attendance, labor distribution and HR benefit tracking software for Widows and UNIX platforms.
TimeTrex Payroll Services
Offers a time and attendance suite which has employee scheduling, time and attendance, job costing and complete payroll capabilities in a single tightly integrated package.
Timeware, Inc.
Offers a time and attendance solution that includes biometric and RFID recognition devices. Modules include payroll, HR, benefits accrual and scheduling.
WorkForce Software, Inc.
Web-based time keeping solution with self service features and rules engine for complex pay and attendance requirements
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