Plugins are independent programs, which are loaded into Graphics programs, to amplify or add capabilities to the program. There are many Plugins available, not only as commercial products but shareware and freeware, which have a variety of functions.

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Alien Skin Software
Developers of apps and programs for photographers and graphic designers, including Exposure, a standalone film simulation program also available as a plug-in for Photoshop, Lightroom, and Eye Candy.
Original plug-ins with special effects and filters.
Antelligent MicroSystems
Creator of Color Darkroom, color calibration software and Adobe Photoshop plugins.
Auto FX Software
Developer of plugins including Photo/Graphic Edges, Mystical Lighting, Mystical Tint Tone and Color, AutoEye, and Dreamsuite Series.
AV Bros.
Developers of realistic plug-ins for Adobe PhotoShop and other compatible image editing programs.
Camera Bits
Compatible plugins for use with Photoshop that will remove color noise from digital camera images.
Offering a set of Photoshop compatible texture making tools.
Colleen's Photoshop Plug-in Page
Fun Pack is Macintosh charity-ware plugin set for color correction, masking and blur effects.
Lots of Photoshop goodies, including plug-ins, actions, textures and brushes.
DC Special Plugin Filters
Freeware special effects and layering filters for Adobe Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, and other compatible graphic programs.
Diaquest Inc.
A plugin for video capture for digital disk recorders.
Diard Software
Universe Image Creator plugin allows you to create realistic images of deep space in any image editing program that supports Photoshop plugins.
DVP Technologies
Eye Fidelity Tools include the moire filter, graininess filter and JPEG filter.
Filter Farm
Freeware plugin that creates colorful noise effects according to random algorithms.
Filter Forge
A plugin that allows users to build custom filters (such as seamless textures, visual effects, distortions, patterns and frames) using a visual editor and a free online library.
Six plugins with various effects, and the FilterMeister plugin for creating filters.
Flaming Pear Software
Manufacturer of Blade Pro, Super BladePro, Flood, Lunarcell, Hue and Cry, Lacquer and other plugins.
Free Filters
Two original Photoshop plug-in filters: Eliminate White and Grid Creator Filter.
flAIR is a set of eight fast high quality filters for Adobe Photoshop.
Provides information and links to plugins for Photoshop.
Human Software
Maker of Textissimo, Photospray, Squizz and other plugins for text effects, digital painting, and image deformation.
Imaging software for Mac and PC; MaskWarrior masking tools, PathOptimizer mask to path converter, and other Photoshop plugins.
Lokas Software
Plugins offered are Artistic Effects a collection of filters that create unique effects. 3D Maker for the creation of pseudo 3D graphical elements out of 2D drawings. Product specifications, screenshots, and downloads.
This plugin explores digital images in their entirety, creates unusual special effects and corrects image exposure. Compatible with Illustrator a Photoshop.
Namesuppressed Design
Maker of Autochromatic, Softener, and Autointerlace freeware and shareware plugins for Windows and Macintosh.
NVR BorderMania
Web page button and border making plugin filters for Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, PhotoPaint and other graphics editors.
Photoshop Stuff
Selection of Photoshop plug-ins for Mac and PC Including filters, selections, grids, outlines, polygons, and others.
PhotoSynthesis, Inc.
Offers the plugin Metrix for adapting two images to each other, by matching the colors of both images. The adapted images can e.g. be used to create a panorama image. Only works fine with very similar images.
Primatte plugin allows you to use matted images, replacing colors with others.
Plastic Thought
Developer of 3D technologies plugins.
The Plugin Site
Resources for graphics users including plugins, effects and tools for image and video editing. Database driven search engine which lets you search Photoshop-compatible plugins, Paintshop Pro tubes, Photoshop actions, graphics tutorials and product reviews.
Photoshop plugins and filters. It includes information about plugins, filters and news.
Directory of plugins for Adobe Acrobat, Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop, as well as iTunes, iMovie and FinalCut.
Popuload Software
Add-on to Photoshop for Mac. An experimental project of Alex Furness. Free, unsupported download.
Power Retouche
Photo editing plugins for image-enhancement like exposure, sharpening, saturation, and contrast. These plugins emulate optics and treat images as light and color behaves, not as digital codes. Tutorials, downloads, and user guides. [Windows / Mac]
Stoik Software
PM Art gallery and PM Rubber collection of art and deformation special effects for Photoshop and video editors.
Teacup Software
Plug-Ins and consulting for Adobe InDesign. Workspace Manager, and Palette Manager available for Windows and Macintosh.
Vimas Technologies
Image processing products, including JPEG and Web Guru plugins.
Vizros Plug-ins
Photoshop compatible plugins for Windows that provide an interactive environment to make real 3D page wrapping effect.
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