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Absolute Cross
Several tutorials for Photoshop covering text effects and textures and several others. Collection of high-quality seamless textures and links to webmasters resources.
Adobe Photoshop Effects
Tips for effects such as burnt paper, beveled or glowing text, buttons or circles.
Al Mackey's Photoshop Tutorial
This tutorial is aimed at people who are artistically inclined, but may not know much about digital paint programs, and covers digital inking, coloring, shading, and some basic effects used to produce cartoon-like imagery.
Anders Qvicker's Fun with Filters
Tutorials show how to use filters for text effects, interface design, backgrounds, and other effects in Photoshop 4, 5, and 6. Basic tips, too.
As Simple As Photoshop
Animated tutorials available online and downloadable as e-books.
CBT Cafe
Tutorials featuring both HTML and QuickTime Video for Photoshop 6.
Davro Digital Imaging
Creative PhotoShop tutorials on CD, and a gallery.
A collection of Photoshop tutorials including 3d spheres, metal effects and natural effects.
Espresso Graphics
Step by step tutorials for Photoshop 4 and 5, designed for people who have little or no Photoshop experience. Tutorials include fixing red eye and too red fleshtones, creating gold text.
A categorized directory of hundreds of Photoshop tutorials. From beginner to advanced.
Grafx Design
Digital graphics and web graphics tips, techniques and tutorials.
Innovations in Applied Mathematics
Tips for the advanced Photoshop user working with photographic images.
N-sane Art
Provides easy to follow tutorials for beginners, and professionals.
Pegaweb Web Design & Photoshop Tutorials
Offering tutorials for beginner and advance users, including how to make a five minute website, and how to create buttons. Include a web design portfolio, articles, free website templates, and web buttons.
PhotoFoolery: Photoshop and Photography Resources
Photoshop tips, tutorials, and links. Also has photo contests and galleries.
Free step-by-step Adobe Photoshop tutorials for any skill level, written by an Adobe Certified Expert.
Photoshop Help
Offers free tutorials, tips and information.
Photoshop LE Classroom in a Book Lessons
This archive contains Lesson 1-11 and a Tour. Step-by-step lessons in PDF format along with sample art for the lessons for Macintosh.
Photoshop Professional
Tips and tricks for Adobe Photoshop including working with big files, special effects and links to other resources.
Photoshop Tricks
Tips and tricks for Adobe Photoshop 3 and 4 from beginner to intermediate.
Photoshop User TV
Dave Cross, Matt Kloskowski, and Scott Kelby share several tutorials, insider tricks and shortcuts.
Professional Photoshop Techniques
Professional Photoshop color correction techniques and concepts from Dan Margulis.
Resource site for PhotoShop users with tips, tricks, tutorials and graphics.
Roberto Campus: Tutorials
Step-by-step tutorials showing how the artist created a number of his works, many of them appearing in books and other media.
Software Cinema
Photography, Photoshop and lighting training tutorials.

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