Related categories 1 - Robert Chang Nude Painting Tutorial
The palette knife was used to rough in the background and an opaque round brush for blending and painting.
Artmix: Tutorials
Offers tutorials on Corel Painter, image editing and Web design. Most tutorials are in PDF file format. Forums - Exo's Skully Bug Face
Starts with the Loaded Palette Knife to quickly paint a backdrop and rough in the figure and switches to a Camel Hair Brush to complete the painting.
Corel Painter 9 Tutorial: Marbling
Tutorial for creating a marbling effect - Marbling is a distortion technique in which colors are dragged across one another, mixing into each other.
Corel Painter IX: New parameters in Artists' Oils brushes
Animation Artist: Tutorial on Painter IX brushes and the new parameters for interaction between brush and canvas that will affect painting.
Creating Brushes in Corel Painter IX
Dave Nagel tutorial: Adding new brush categories and saving brushes.
Creative Mac - Creating Custom Brushes in Painter 8
Creating paint blenders, diffusers and distorters brushes.
CreativeMac - Auto-Painting in Painter Essentials 3, Pt 1
Creating paint effects from photographs by automatically applying paint strokes
CreativeMac: Cloning Techniques in Painter IX
Working with photos to create painterly effects with depth.
Cresswell Graphics - Hair Tutorial
Painting hair, starting with a reference photo of hair, and creating a gradient that can be used as a color variability gradient to paint with actual hair textures. The art, music, photography, and writings of Robert Chang
Robert Chang's tutorial page with many step-by-step Painter works and some free brushes.
Glen Bledsoe: Tutorial
How to create 3D text for use with webpages in Painter 5. Create Intense Colored Strokes with the Oils Brush in Corel Painter
Jeremy Sutton tutorial showing some of the effects offered by the Artists’ Oils brush using vibrant colors. Creating Fashion Illustrations with Corel Painter
Cher Threinen-Pendarvis Painter IX tutorial using a loose brush style to paint fashion design illustrations
Making New Weaves in Corel Painter
Robin Wood explains how to create any kind of plaid pattern woven in simple twill.
Mastery Multimedia - Tutorials
Tutorials: Painting around a gradient, Chalk cloning, Pavement Chalk cloning, and Image Hose Nozzle downloads.
Painter 7 Tutorials - Unique Photo Editing
Creating unique photo editing changes adding a scratchy frame, enhancing, and texturizing a photo.
Photoflashgraphics - Creating a Reflection Map using Quick Warp
Using Painter's Quick Warp feature to create spherical reflection maps that can be used in Painter to create shiny surfaces or in 3D graphics programs.
Provides tutorials for Painter 5/5.5, 6, 7, and 8, custom brushes to download and use in Painter 7, 8, and IX, and links to related sites.
Renderosity Painter Tutorials
Tutorials on painting portraits, painting characters and clothing, and postproduction on a 3D render.
RetouchPRO Tutorials - Painter IX: Oil Painting Cloner
This tutorial will help create a realistic Oil Painted image using Corel Painter IX and Photoshop.
Sande's Water Color Glazing Painter Tip
Painter watercolor brushes were used to colorize a scanned image of a figurine and to add detailing.
Sebastian Marquez
Easy art tutorials on painting with the computer using Painter and PSP.
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