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Ally's Country Home
Tutorials with a country style, favorite family recipes and a link page for hours of PSP fun.
Angie's Art
PSP 7 tutorials from creating a room screen to a KPT bunny.
Lessons on how to take a black and white image and add color to it by using layers. Restore stained or damaged photos.
Camp Ratty Irreverent Tutorials
Unique PSP tutorials for intermediate users with first-rate tips and tricks.
Digital Design Tutorials
Features detailed and well illustrated Paint Shop Pro tutorials.
Dis Dat Designs
Tutorials for PSP 7 and 6. Learn to make a animated umbrella.
Several Paint Shop Pro tutorials in Viewlet form.
Paint Shop Pro text tutorials and tubes.
Gloria's Graphics with Paint Shop Pro
Drawing and painting tutorials, create a dragonfly and pears. Galley of original artwork several made from lessons.
Graphic Buds' Tutorials
Two new and interesting tutorials added each month, by the Graphic Buds Members.
Graphics From The Cat
Detailed Paint Shop Pro tutorial that can be used for version 3 or later.
Heffy's Tutorials
Paint Shop Pro 5 and 6 tutorials on image editing also beginner lessons in Paint Shop Pro 5.
Inside Paint Shop Pro
Informative guides, featuring tutorials and tips. Learn how to create custom graphics design.
Janes Tutorials
PSP 6 tutorials for creating a fan, sunflowers, arches, tables, dresser, and Christmas ornaments.
Khiba's Tutorials
Khiba's Paint Shop Pro tutorials and tips offers beginner and intermediate users of PSP version 5 and above visual guides for learning to use the tools and effects in the program.
Lynxspirit's Tutorials
Teaches how to do Morphing in Paint Shop Pro.
Nightshadow FX
Tutorials for PSP versions 7 and 8, free photographs, useful links, and information.
Odds N Ends
Collection of tutorials and effects for PSP version 4 and 5.
Paint Shop Pro Techno
Paint Shop Pro FAQs, from the newsgroup All the newbies questions are answered.
Pinoy 7
PSP tutorials on creating real-like objects. Using PSP 5 and 6.02 from blending photos, interfaces, pipe joints, circular pipe, wire, buttons, navigation bars, 3D pipes, spheres, digital worm, photo manipulation, text effects and mouse over effects.
QuickCreations Desktop Themes-Tutorials
Tutorials covering making needlepoint, framing, and glass frames using PSP7.
Rippling Rainbow
Beginner instructions on how to create an animated rippling rainbow. Script for PSP 8 included.
Shells Designs
PSP 7 and 8 tutorials, link-ware web sets, MSN Group tutorials, several for making web sets and adding pages.
Web Graphics by Pati
Tutorials for PSP covering stained glass, leading, opaque backgrounds and a lighthouse beam. Links to other tutorials for PSP6.
The Xanthic Eye
Digital art gallery, which also features PSP tutorials, free wallpapers, icons and skins.
Ziggy PSP Tutorials
Blown glass hummingbird, butterfly and lamp using the filter Sinedot, sleigh and reindeer, and a Valentine express train.
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