Jasc Paint Shop Pro is a graphics application that can be used for creating simple images to complex, multi-layered graphics. Paint Shop Pro combines raster-based and vector-based graphics into one application. Software offers a wide range of painting, drawing, and image editing capabilities.

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Paint Shop Pro
Graphics application by Corel that can be used for anything from creating simple images to complex, multi-layered graphics by combining raster-based and vector-based graphics technology into one program. Offers free download, tutorials, support, and upgrades.
Tubes and Blade Pro and Super Blade Pro presets, web graphics, clipart, and desktop art with Celtic and pagan themes.
PSP tutorials, pluging, Splat! tutorials and frames. Also hosts several of Joe Cilinceon tutorials.
Dizzinz Studio
PSP tubes, brushes and presets, large collection of tutorials for beginners, interface graphics, Outlook Express stationery, dingbats, linkware and purchaseware web sets.
Grafx Design
Digital graphics and web graphics tips, techniques and tutorials.
Guffy Creek
Linkware snow globes, seamless tiles, hotbar skins and PSP tutorials and tubes, and KPT 5 Shapeshifter Presets.
Joe Cilinceon - New Dawn Micro
Tutorials, filters, Blade Pro Presets, frame set, and gallery of art work.
Krafty Kards
PSP tubes, tutorials covering making an animated love note, Angel and interface tubes and several others, wallpapers, and Web design.
Lelia's Loft
Free PSP tubes, Super Blade Pro presets and Blade Pro presets, backgrounds, slats, and envelopes. Also offering free web sets, and exclusive sets as well.
Mary's Graphics
Snow and lake applets, snow globes and tutorials for PSP.
Midwinter's Dream Graphics
PSP tubes and tutorials, Angel Whisper adoptions, Expressions Friendship plaques gifts, snow globe bases, and themed sets for personal home pages.
NDC Web Design
Tubes and brushes, Blade Pro and Super Blade Pro presets. Professional web site design services.
Paint Shop Pro List
Subscribe here to the PSP mailing list at LSoft.
Psp Mania
Web site for the newsgroup to find PSP tubes, mask and backgrounds and web sets, and all things related. As well as tutorials from beginner to advanced.
Roxy's Renditions
Computer graphic artwork and holiday theme web art.
Sheas Creations
Paint Shop Users Group, tutorials, and web sets. Request custom graphics.
Offers a collection of over seventy scripts for use with for use with PSP version X onwards. Includes photography links and other software.
Star Gazer Graphics
Currently offer things such as PSP 7 tutorials, tubes, tips and how to section, along with some great links to PSP resources.

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