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Apple International Glossaries
Translations for 1337 MacOS(TM) terms in 34 languages. For MacOS third party software developers and localization services.
Apple Localization Tools
Home FTP directory for Apple localization tools.
Apple Localization Tools: Chihui
Description Input methods for use with the Chinese Macintosh System 6.05 and above. Allows pinyin input in phrase instead of single character.
Apple Localization Tools: FMAT Editor
This ResEdit editor lets you prepare localized number format descriptions that you can use in conjunction with the number formatting routines provided by the Macintosh Text Utilities. Using localized number format descriptions doesn't give you all the flexibility provided by the approach in "International Number Formatting" in Develop 16, but if you know that your application will only have to work with system software localized for the same language, it's usually adequate. And this ResEdit editor is certainly the nicest way to create the localized resources.
Apple Localization Tools: HC Stack Localization Navigator
Localization guide for HyperCard stacks. This tool navigates the user through the stack he is localizing, stopping at each field and button name which needs to be translated.
Apple Localization Tools: ScriptSwitcher
A simple control panel that switches the system script to any installed script system.
Apple Localization Tools: ShowDialogBoxes v2.1
SDB allows you to display dialogs, alerts, and coolAlerts of your application. Requires an associated scriptfile which specifies the relationships between the text and the dialogs. Version 2.1 adds support for displaying coolAlerts under QuickDraw GX.
Apple Localization Tools: Verifier 1.0
The Verifier is an Apple internal localization verification tool. It is used to catch localization problems such as corrupted CODE resources, and mismatched resource attribute bits. It is very customized to Apple's internal needs, but it may serve as a good example on the types of things to look out for when you localize your software.
An Interface for Apple Text Encoding Converter: Cyclone is a text converting utility application for the Macintosh that uses Apple Text Encoding Converter. Macintosh, Unicode, ISO, DOS, Windows, and other encodings.
International Macintosh Users Group
A forum for multilingual/multiscript computing. A group of users and designers of multilingual computer systems, located in Silicon Valley. If you want to use your computer in languages other than English, read on.
Setting up Macintosh Web browsers for multilingual and Unicode support
Instructions on setting up browsers to display multiple languages and Unicode characters.
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