Bangla (Bengali) is a modern south Asian language of the Indo-European family. It's script is derived from the Brahmi script of ancient south-Asia. Composing, storing and rendering text in Bangla is more involved than for Latin based languages. This category lists those computer programs designed to help users write and read Bangla documents on computers

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Bengali - Test for Unicode support in Web browsers
Test your Web browser and fonts for the ability to display the Unicode Bengali range of characters. Part of Alan Wood's Unicode Resources.Diagnostic page.
Bengali on Linux
A text editor with a Bengali spell checker. Printing Bengali text files using OpenType fonts. This program is part of the Bengali dictionary project, and uses the word list provided by the project.
Bengali Writer
Set of utilities for editing and typesetting in Bangla. Provided are a set of fonts in several formats (METAFONT, BDF, PS), a text editor with spell checking and export to LaTeX. Free, under GPL. Unix, Linux (X11 systems)
Commercial company developing Bornosoft - a transliteration based Bangla writing software.
Free Bangla Fonts Project
This is a volunteer run project dedicated to creating free, completely Unicode compliant Open Type Bangla fonts. This project aims to be the central resource for getting and developing Free Bangla fonts. The site has several OT Bangla fonts for free download under the GNU GPL
Lekho : A Bangla Unicode Editor
Plain text Unicode editor for Bangla. Has a spell checker, undo/redo, and exports to Bangtex. It is based on the QT toolkit. Runs on X11 (Linux, freeBSD, Unix) and windows systems. GPLd.
Modular Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
Indian language typing software products and services. Large collection of Indian languages fonts for Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Kannada, Punjabi, Konkani, Malayalam etc. Shree-Lipi for WIndows and Macintosh, Shree-Lipi for Braille are some of its products.
This is an open source version of BangSee. It provides free Phonetic Bangla codes for Bangla Community developed in Java and C/C++
Resource Centre for Indian Language Technology Solutions, Bangla
Contains downloads for a Bangla TTF, a Bangla editor, a Bangla spell checker, Bengali-English dictionary, printed Bangla document images and Bangla text corpus in electronic form.
Reversed Word Dictionary and Phonetically Similar Word Grouping Based Spell-Checker to Bangla Text
Paper by Bidyut Baran Chaudhuri dealing with an algorithm for checking Bangla spellings in scanned text (OCR). [PDF]
Unicode Bengali Code Chart
This is a page on the unicode consortium website containing the latest Bengali code point definitions in the unicode standard. Diagnostic page. [PDF]
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