Information on the internationalization and localization of web sites, two different but inseparable topics which together make up the process of web site globalization.

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Beyond Borders: Web Globalization Strategies
This is the official site for the first book on Web site globalization, "Beyond Borders: Web Globalization Strategies." (New Riders 2002)
Close to Home
Editor in Chief Amit Asaravala recommends that before you think globally, make sure your business is sound locally.
RWS Group
Is an ISO 9002 translation and localization company with four decades of experience and offices worldwide.
W3C Internationalization and Localization
Modern business, research, and interpersonal communication is conducted in many writing systems and languages. The W3C tries to make sure that WWW technology meets the needs of the global community.
Web Authoring FAQ
The Web Design Group's Web Authoring FAQ addresses frequently asked questions related to HTML, images, style sheets, and other Web authoring issues, including internationalization.
Web Globalization Resources
Byte Level provides a number of informative articles for Web site globalization.
How to make your Web site literally worldwide
Article from Austin Business Journal (July 01, 2002)
The Internet is Not Printed on Paper
An article discussing the tendency of web page data input forms to be fixed, culturally biassed and unsuitable for a global audience. [PDF] (January 01, 2001)
Culturally Correct Site Design
When it comes to adapting an existing Web site for a new audience, learn from the successes of big-name players. Olin leads the way. (September 01, 2000)
Going Global
As the Web becomes truly world wide, site developers will need to address multilingual and cross-cultural issues. Howard sorts out the concepts of internationalization and localization, and explains how they relate to your company's future. (September 01, 2000)
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