Individuals or organizations that develop software which they make available free of charge.

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1st AutoRun Express
Automatically runs any DOC,HTM, or PDF whenever a CD is inserted. [Win32]
Adsen Software
Various software including a file splitter, computer timer, thumbnailer, and image grabber.
Offers FileDrag, a file identification tool, and several joke programs.
Includes a collection of programs including AMP Font Viewer, AMP WinOFF, AMP Tile Viewer, Cookie Monster and MediaMenu.
Apex Software Solutions
Provides applications for a screensaver control menu and online reservation booking.
Bapuli Online
Offers Click MusicalKEYS a MIDI piano, My Messenger and Polytones Wizard.
Blacksun Software
Authors of tools for Windows including X-Fonter, Texefex, ColorMania and Mousotron.
BlueFive Software
Author of utilities and unusual tools for Windows 9x/ME/NT/XP. Amiga programs too, and besides the software there are some useful programming and freeware links.
Collection of freeware utilities, scripts and games such as IMAPSize, eml2mbox, SimpleTags, iwap, Tablic.
Cafix Development Page
Program to use a Casio calculator interface under Linux.
Cattle Ramp Software
Author of software for organizing finances, monitor and log all Internet access, password generator, computer shutdown utility, and a personal diary and journal.
Charles Mace software
WatchWorks, a desktop alarm, and password generator.
CKing software
Various Windows applications: KeyFinder (a Charmap replacement), LunaRhythm (a lunar calendar) and Mind Your Word (a multilingual word game).
Crayzee's Homepage
Utilities made in Win32 assembly including source files.
Crazy Gecko Freeware
Offers Crazy Gecko's BackPack, Crazy Gecko's Job Scheduler, and Crazy Gecko's Job FastExit. Site available in German and English.
DanSoft Australia
Includes PostScript Converter, DanProgrammer, DanZip, Catalog, DanDirectory and DanTemplates. Also provides Visual Basic and PHP scripts.
David Grace
Freelance programmer making games, game accessories, and other projects.
DigiCraft Software
Developers of "Web Notepad" and "Yak!".
Digital Exedra
A group that specializes in Java Network Launch Protocol (JNLP) development including a NIST time sync application and a lotto utility. [Windows 98-XP, MacOSX, or UNIX] Software
Freeware dictionary/thesaurus for Pocket PC, MS Windows, and smartphone.
Edgar K. Sanz - Bong's Site
Contains freeware utilities programmed in Delphi 5.
Offer the ALTools family of utilities for Windows computers, including zip, ftp, password storer and desktop wallpapers.
Exodus Development, Inc.
FindCompressed, a Command line utility that locates NTFS compressed (or uncompressed) files, IECacheList, PMMon, a power management tool, and WhyReboot which shows files that will be changed on reboot. Also Drupal CMS modules and information.
Fallucca, Paolo - Spice+
General-purpose circuit simulation program, based directly on SPICE 3F.5 from the University of California (Berkeley). It works under DOS and Windows.
Distributes and supports freeware applications aimed at film-makers. The software is written by Ian Pegler.
Fresh FTP and Traffic Explosive, a hits generator.
Goldman, Mikey
Author of software for organization, security, and internet downloading.
HazteK Software
Home of KeyDemon and TrueIP along with many other software programmed in Visual Basic 6.0. Custom software services. Visual Basic tips and tutorials.
Henrik Theiling's Software Projects
Open Source projects such as an ASCII progress bar and Parrot Teacher.
Rubber Dub-Dub will substitute a colored area in a picture without affecting the different hues of the color or the shading. HTML SlideShow is a slideshow and screensaver with optional HTML transitional effects. IconShow a icon viewer.
Integrated Sciences Group
Free measurement analysis and metrology software.
Intellectual Heaven
chaOS, a 16 bit x86 OS, ReC (Remote control utility for windows), and a FTP client.
InterAction studios
Developers of Windows titles such as 'Chicken Invaders' and 'Island Wars'.
TrueMail system and GameEngine InputSystem. Site available in Russian, English, and Ukrainian.
JMM Code Park
SplitBrowser, AutomountMaker, EuroSwap, and Serial Receptor.
Creators of Highway Scramble, a simple game.
Project Management Software application is supported by advertising. It supports resource leveling, parent/child task structures and familiar linking relationships. Flexible resource scheduling, multiple calendars, time zones, part-time and shifts.
KFOO Software
Developers of AstroQuest and MeatBox Media Player.
Creator of Kiran's Typing Tutor and Kiran's Kids Games.
Various tools for AutoCAD.
Leeos software
Audio Cdrom List Creator, IE URL Changer, and Rename File Extensions. [Win32]
LN3GS Software
eLibrary, ICanView, popCheck, WallChanger, Kanji Tutor, NUTilities, and Starter.
Offers 'FileMenu Tools' a context menu editor for windows, and a notepad replacement for programmers.
Group offers several freeware programs for Win 32, including file manager, image editors, font viewer, and an MP3 database.
Michael Schmitz Technologies
Provides a number of free games and other applications.
Mike Ward
Author of Freesnap a window sizing and moving utility. Free-Cal is a handy little perpetual calendar. FreeVal is a port of the SGML parser used by and other standards committees to validate HTML and XHTML.
Mintra Systems
Offers software including an icon editor, a chemistry calculator, a process killer, and a screen capture utility.
Moon Software
Developer's site. 'Bookmark Wizard', 'Copy URL', 'Font Xplorer Lite', 'FileTargets', 'FontLoader', and other desktop utilities for MS Windows 95/98/NT/2000. Includes information on shareware, a newsletter, and links to related resources.
SalaryTimer, a program that calculates one's salary, and HoboHack, a simple game.
A chatclient and several remakes of classic games.
Designers of Lockit, File encrypted, and eWeb.
Provides password recovery tools, ActiveX components, web browser accessories, and free source code examples.
Games and icon placement tool.
Paradise Programming
Various data recovery related software for Windows, Linux and Dos
Punk Labs
PixelFonts and iepngfix.
PW Software
Developer's Pad, Note Keeper, Sports Betting Calculator, Express Files, and Program Launcher.
RealityRipple Software
PC repair and software development by Andrew Sachen. Applications, utilities, Mozilla extensions, and themes, free and open source.
Collection of Windows applications such as txt2palm (text converter), WebDicty (dictionary) and WordBox for Windows (board game).
Developer for Windows and Linux with titles such as 'AnonyNews ' news server, 'Port Scanner', and 'Mandelbrot'.
RJL Software
Developers of Windows software covering entertainment, utilities, internet, desktop, and security.
Seireg, Mahmoud
Developer of programs such as 'Password Generator', 'SSCalculator', and 'Math for Beginners' for Windows.
Sergio Dilonardo Multimedia Productions
Audio/image processing, and a few games.
Shankar on the Web
Kaun Banega Crorepathi, a game show simulation, and Unmask.
Developers of GBConv, which converts any web site from simplified Chinese to traditional Chinese.
Spacejock Software
Stock charting software, an ebook reader, a mp3 and ogg player, text to speech, and stock market data.
Tranglos Software
Mature and full-featured open-source projects such as KeyNote, Oubliette and Kookiejar.
Useful programs from ZEN
ToolTipZEN, SQUIDmon, Coins Screen Saver, Disk Free, URLFinderInFile, BackupC, TCPClSer, and eToken Lock.
Veign's Freeware Tools
Cfont Pro, Note-It, Pixeur, and Seeker.
Numerical Text Control, HTML Editor, and Browse Me.
Voicent Communications
Products include Smart autodialer, scheduler and calendar software with automatic phone reminder, and VoiceXML gateway.
web Xpace
File Renamer, Mini Calculator ToDo Reminder, Date Reminder, Wav Player,   Runner, My Agenda, Pic Viewer, Watch, and Calendar. [Win32]
Simple applications with source code.
[Computer Mozilla]
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